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12 March 2009



(smh) yet another case of a black gay man killed by another black man. nothing some bs basically. so what if he was gay and looked at him, keep walking?!


Haven't heard of this case but can't say very surprised...there have been several cases of gay men attacked or even killed for just looking in the wrong direction. It seems like the victim was challenging the man or being sarcastic...straight boys don't like the queens to come for them. But good news prosecutors trying to put this punk behind bars for life. That wasn't happening ten years ago or especially back in tha day...

M. Mark

Our people, our people. A man cannot even walk down the street. What is next?


"but defense attorneys are trying raise reasonable doubt because the defendant has an identical twin brother."

does this mean he will get off?

Derrick from Philly

Very familiar and very painful. When a gay man does decide to fight back who decides to fight dirty? They always used to say that drag queens carried straight razors & ice picks--can you blame them?

Adrian T

What a punk. This kid pulls a knife after he taunts this young man then runs away,. The effin coward. And yes Derrick you are so right, back in the day boys never EVER used to mess with the queens because they carried straight razors and guns. Some still do I hope gotta protect themselves.


Typical thug behavior. Starts the fight, knifes an unarmed man, runs away and now says, it could have been his twin ... So both brothers are murdering homophobes? Lock 'em both up!



there is a time to kill
a time of self defense = ideal

secure humans appreciate all forms of flattery

only DL gays kill over compliments/flirting by gays

they kill because they hate the gay part of themselves that is aroused by the attention...


may he pay karmically as earned...



This case highlights a growing trend in gay-bashing crimes. The attackers are using the "he tried to come-on to me" defense. More of these low-lifes are excusing their violent acts by stating that they were propositioned by a gay man; therefore, they are just defending themselves. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who are willing to buy into that line of thinking. Just like juries will sometimes accept the premise that a woman asked to be raped because of what she was wearing, I pray that this jury will not fall for this trick as well.

Many years ago, I seriously injured two men for attacking me just because I was gay. They followed me out of a club and jumped me as I was walking to my car just a couple of blocks away. When one of the guys hit me with a metal pipe in the back of my head, I almost lost consciousness. But something inside me refused to give up. When the police arrived, they thought that I was the attacker, because the other two were on the ground covered in blood. The police cleared me and ruled self defense. The two attackers plead guilty and went to jail for a few years.

This is not something I talk much about. There's no telling what would have happened to me if I had gone down after being hit with a metal pipe. These kinds of cases brings everything back. That's why I don't usually comment on these types of stories. I truly hope and pray that this man gets the maximum. If his lawyer wants to raise doubt by saying that the accused has a twin brother, then erase all doubt by getting the brother to confess. Otherwise, they have the correct person on trial. Please jury, do not fall for this crap.


Last summer at a subway station here in NYC I saw a very large boned black gay man not only fight off two young pants-hanging-off-their-ass punks but acutally stripped the pants and underwear off of one of them and threw them into an open subway car across the platform. That little bastard ran for his life up those stairs and ALL OF US WHO SAW IT LAUGHED AT THEIR WANNA BE BAD ASSES.

I not only cheered his actions but when I thought about how long it had been since I had had a fight and witnessed what happened from start to finish I knew I had better tone up my boxing skills because I have been confronted by several of these young black punks who are the equivalent of wolfpacks during the summer months.


@ gurlene

That's why you have to be prepared. I refuse to be a victim. I would rather have to explain to the police what happened, as opposed to some coroner explaining the cause of my death. I live under the motto, "I'm taking one of you with me." That may be harsh, but I don't apologize for it.


i agree. you have to be ready to fight and defend yourself. it is a sad reflection of our times tho that you have to take up boxing just to live in the city. in the city! not the supposed redneck woods or someplace.

however i do not think the defense is using gay panic in this case, i think they just being cowardly and pretending he didn't do it. but that is what the underlying reason was this stupid 'gay guy looking at me" reason


@ Ravenback and Gurlene ...
Those are incredible stories. Thanks for sharing!

My cousin who also gay was attacked once just for looking at a man. It was not a flirt, he just glanced up from reading magazine on the train and this thug started an argument and then a fight. It was sad and crazy, my cousin hurt no one. He was hurt but recovered. I feel very sad for our black community that we send the message it is okay to hit gay men because you feel they are flirting with you.


If women murdered every guy who “looked at them” there wouldn’t be many men left ….. only the Gay ones.


Willock was determined to hurt this man. He already had a knife and followed this man for several blocks hoping to use it. Sad tragic on so many levels.


It’s NOT okay to kill someone for looking at you. It is okay to get upset if someone is oogling you inapropriate. Women are subjected to this type of agression all the time



I used to look at it that way too because I was not one for biting my tongue back in the day.

The first thing that goes through my mind now is any boy who is making all these threats might have been raped in jail once before. I know that is no excuse for an outburst of rage from someone who is standing in front of you with a big round booty and a pair of colorful brief that you can clearly see his butt crack.

The incaration rate of young black males makes me take that attitude. The possibility of my spending the next three to five years watching my back in jail because nearly all the male members in his family are waiting for me to show up in prison IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY. Fight back but put a limit on it.

I do hope the prosecuter tells the jury how this young man was dressed that night. Think about it. They guy might have been cute and had'em hanging low that night and that is what caught Roberto's eye.


Wow Ravenback !!! something very similar happen to me here in detroit. I was followed out the club to my car attacked by two 'men'. They ended up getting my car but also wanted to pull me back in the car. I don't remember shot but when my car was found there was a bullet hole int he windshield. I fought was was able to make it back to the club. I late rhad to have about twelve staples in my head. I, like you refused to just give in. I fought back, kicked, bit, punched and all to be able to get away. Thank God I made it out. I was injured but so were they. I wasnt bothering anyone and they were screaming they were going show me what a real "man" was. I couldn't even satnd people to walk behind me for months. That taught me to be ready for the next one and I have a suprise for, God forbid, the next one.


rod, what is this, at least once a week there is a story about a black gay man being killed simply because he is gay?

and keith bles syou for your survival and let us hope there is not another incident. your health is your true health!


Keith, I fully understand what you went through. I was very paranoid after a couple of years since the attack. Even today, I can't stand for people to come up from behind and touch me without warning. Sometimes, I feel like jumping out my skin. My friends and family understand that now.


The thing I'm concerned about is that the idea of "gay panic" has been put in the minds of the jury. I don't want them to compromise and convict the murderer of a lesser charge like manslaughter. Having served on a jury before, it is not easy to get 12 people to agree on anything, even if the case appears to be a slam dunk. It only takes one juror to prevent a jury from convicting on the most serious charge of second degree murder. As a result, they may choose a lesser charge just to make sure he is convicted of something. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

Kevin Perez

I'm pretty sure they're are so-called ''straight guys'' who believe they epitomize male masculinity and manhood who probably loves big butt fem boys who are jailbait. They probably flirt more with them when their ''boys'' aren't around and make passes at them 'cuz you know, the assumption is every gay man who isn't masculine or is a fem strongly desires big, mean, thuggish, muscle boys with big d*cks. And sometimes when they don't conform to that, that's when some of the worst type of homophobia lashes out.

And when their ''boys'' come around, leave it to them to make a scene that involves yelling homophobic slurs or how we're on their d*cks all the time.

Believe me, it ain't no walk in the park being gay and Puerto Rican.

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