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07 March 2009



I very much appreaciate these reports on the fight for justice in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, though most of them are so depressing and angering they leave me speechless.

The U.S. doesn't manufacture many things that anyone wants anymore, but it does do a banner business in the export of military equipment, bombing raids, techniques of torture, oppressive economic regimes, and the pleasures of evangelical Chrisitianity to the rest of the world. People hate us for what we do to them, but if that isn't enough to satisfy us, we teach them the joys of hating their own countrymen and family members.

Victor Mukasa's courage and fortitude is beyond anything I could imagine ever having.


This is very sad.So f**king sad sometimes i wanna just scream. i'm african myself, from Botswana, atleast there the government pretty much ignores us. Not that i think its ok for the government to ignore part of her people but that's as good as it gets.

And to think Uganda considers gays such a big problem to the community while there are more pressing issues is retarded. Many people are living under the poverty line, yet the Ugandian government is more concerned about gays. its a really sad world for gay people i tell u.And u would think black people of all people will know better than this ludicrous discrimination.



I have to agree. Life isn't that bad here in the USA, it's not perfect but I can go to work, enjoy myself and walk down some streets holding my BF's hand and not feel threatened. I cannot imagine, cannot at all...what life must be like for gays in the developing world and especially on our mother continent. With rare exceptions, it sounds horrible and like a walking prison sentence. Victor Mukasa must be commended. It takes courage to come out as a gay man or transgender person in the States. It takes courage and superhero strength to do it in nation where the government or mobs want to kill you. God bless all of you in Africa, you too Thuto.

Mike Airhart

Three watchdog organizations demand the resignation of Exodus International leadership:



Today, we take the unprecedented step of joining together to demand that Exodus International’s Board of Directors take immediate action to hold accountable those who used the Exodus brand to promote an atmosphere conducive to serious human rights abuses. The accountability must begin with reasonable and responsible action by Board Chair Bob Ragan, including:

* Dismissing Exodus President Alan Chambers for his knowing role in using Exodus to promote human rights abuses
* Removing Board member Don Schmierer for speaking at a hate conference that promotes physical harm and psychological torture against GLBT people
* Boldly articulating Exodus’ policy against human rights abuses including forced therapy
* Promising to end future participation in all conferences that call on the persecution and criminalization of gay and lesbian people

Pamella Dlungwana

I find all of this really laughable. The idea that an entire nation can launch a campaign to discredit a sexual orientation/identity, personal reality smacks of Swatstika Germany and makes a country seem like a small town with no big city ambition. Never has religion shown it's true aims than with this effort, gone are the sermons on salvation, depleted is the saucer of guilt all of these replaced by a phantom fear to be fueled by the power hungry puppet masters.

To attack a man in his heart and a woman in her bed seems to be the new strategy for these charismatic churches. Being African I have seen people fleeced of their paltry salaries in the faith that these ministers will heal Aids only to find that the 'sick' were paid to 'look sick' and with this ex-gay campaign it seems the strategy has been refined. The story of Soddom lies in the ICU ward of a government hospital in Kampala, having suffered bouts of misquotes and ill paraphrasing over the course of conference.

Aagh shame, Bayanginyanyisa.

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