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19 March 2009



Rod that is horrible news. What an awful experience for your mom and family and a devastating loss. Pets are members of the household too. Only a horrible person would not even apologize to your mother after their dog killed hers.

Derrick from Philly

Rod, I and EVERYBODY else who enjoy your blog are sorry to hear about the terrible incident with your family. A beloved pet is a family member. I pray that your mother is healing.

A. Martinez

Wow. What a horrible thing to happen. I'm so sorry for what happened to your mom and am sure Bambi is in doggie heaven. My prayers go to to your Mom.

Anthony in Nashville

Rod, very sorry to hear about that.

My cat died unexpectedly this year and I know what a shock to the system the loss of a pet can be.

Pit bulls are crazy and aggressive and so are most of their owners.


That is devastating news. My mom is 70 years old and I pray she would survive a dog attack. So sorry to hear about your dog and your mother. Bad karma that the owners have not even apologized or said they were sorry.


Everyone who reads this blog and follows your writing must be saddened by the news. Our prayers and sympathies to your mom.


Dear Rod,
Really sorry about what happened to your family. Thank God your mom was not seriously injured, and that she is keeping her spirits up, but she must be in a lot of emotional grief.
God bless her and you.


Sorry to learn of this unfortunate event and the injury to your mother.


Rod, being an animal lover with two beagles, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I don't know what I'd do if my two beagles were to ever leave me. Those neighbors will get whats coming to them.


Very sorry about your family's loss. I am an animal lover, my family has five dogs, so I could imagine what your mom and you are going through. My prayers are with you.-QH


My condolences to you and your mother on the loss of your pet. I personally see pit bulls as a dead give away of a frightened little boy hiding behind a dog because he does not have a gun to make him feel even stronger. Our bldg owner never has, never will allow them in the building, thank god.


This is such a tragedy on so many levels...i am glad your mom is safe but so very sorry her dog was killed. Oh and how awful the neighbors didn't even apologize to your mother. A big hug to mom.



I have had you in constant prayer and tried calling, but I see where you were now.

I hope that there is some form of restitution to your mother for this loss, beyond the apology, which hasn't even been offered.

Bless your mother in your journey and we are with you. Take the time you need and check your email.

Rev. Kev


Just another reason- as so many recently- they should ban these "chainsaws on four legs'! I absolutely hate these (pitbulls) dogs!


Wow, my thoughts are with you and your Mom. I was bit by a dog last year, an accident by the neighbors crazy dog, but required 20 stiches in my hand, and, my body is still not back to normal due to the strong meds I had to take to ward off an infection, so, I know the pain of dogs.


Very sorry for your dog's death and your mother's injuries. Thank God she wasn't seriously hurt.


Rod, So sorry to read about your loss..


Oh wow...That is horrible news man. Condolensces to your mom, and family...


What horrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

And Sue the Neighbors!!


Sending some love to ya Rod.All the way from Botswana. I hope u and your family-especially your mom- are doing aite.

The last couple of days i came here only to see same ol' post.I was beginning to wonder if you up and left us without a goodbye.

awww..condolences to you and your family.


Call Animal Services on the pit bull's owners.


Wow...sorry to hear about that. Don't rush back to us...we will be alright...take care of moms first. Damn that messed up my day.


Rod, so sorry for your family's loss of Bambi. Glad that your mother was not badly hurt physically. You're in my meditations. Such a horrible act.


Sincere sympathies to you mom and family. Do take care of her and yourself.

alicia banks

dear rod:

i am so sorry...

i hate all dogs especially pit bulls

they are beasts not pets!

they should all be banned!!!!!!

i have feuded over similar rudeness and fear many times

and i dodged 5 pit bulls owned by one fool across the street daily for nearly 6 mos...

this could have been me

i am praying for you all....god bless you...

much love

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