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28 March 2009


Barry S

Why not just say "Zambia joins other impoverished African nations such as Burundi, Uganda and Cameroon to blame gays for its myraid of problems"?

Sean B

This is the best part...or should I say the worse part: "Zambia is one of the world's poorest nations. Life expectancy is an average of 40 years and the HIV/AIDS rate is 16 percent. "

The people in the country are literally dropping like flies. The government probably uses international aid as its primary source of revenue. And they sit in parliament making jokes about gays and shouting "shame"? That is the real MFing shame!


Ugh. The right wing Bush Administration exported its hate and intolerance to Africa with these aid programs and faith initiatives. Zambia is such a beautiful country and does not need to do this.


Here we go again.


The stories of these insanely homophobic African nations are such a disappointment. It seems like America, Europe and even Asia are moving forward on gay rights and Africa is moving further behind. It is so sad because it is also our people in the United States who are most reluctant to accept gay rights too.


The HIV rate may be 16% but that is from heterosexual sex not homosexual sex. That's where they need to be focusing their energy, getting their population to use condoms and be responsible. These African nations are just blatants hypocrites but not more so than the good ole USA.


Tre, I totally disagree. It's not just Africans and African Americans who are unsupportive of gay rights. People in general, straight intolerant people, are not. Vermont's governor wants to veto same sex marriage, New Hampshire Republicans against it, millions of white folks in California voted for 8 ... let's not even get started on lilly white countries like Poland, Latvia and Russia. Those are among the most homophobioc nations on earth.

We all can do better please let;s not just single out Africa and African Americans.


That's a good point Carlos. Some of the countries in the motherland are rabidly homophobic (Uganda) but some are very progressive. It's the same case in Asia and Europe although Europe obviously is much much more progressive and gay friendly.

Unless you live in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia etc..


Is this new for zambia? or they have they been on the homohysteria for a while?


@ Daqwan:

"Kunda reminded parliament in 2005 the house "passed stiff laws against homosexuality" and the minimum sentence for a person found guilty is 15 years."

I'd say since they've been at it since at least 2005 no?


africa really is becoming the "dark" continent. backwards, unenlightened, and uninformed. what are we as black americans suppose to do with this mess? they are only getting worse.


Thanks for that very illuminating comment "Esq". I was asking has the government made antigay statements recently.

Chris Cruz

Daqwan, this sounds like the beginning of a homophobic crackdown. I haven't heard of Zambia saying or doing thsi recently but they certainly are now, the voice president is in parliament telling everyone to report suspected gays to the police. That is very scary.


it's more then scary. it's a witch hunt.


Thanks for the poverty stats and HIV/AIDS information, Rod. It's always illuminating to look at socioeconomic indicators when discussing gay discrimination and rights. Usually the more affluent cities, states and countries and more progressive on gay rights. It's about education and that's what we have to hope for in Africa.


Rod and Freeleo are right. This is the beginning of a terrible new chapter. We are seeing the same thing beginning in my family's homeland of Nigeria. This is a witch hunt and I am afraid many innocent people, even those who are not gay, will be hurt.


It seems the last few years a lot of african nations have tightened their anti-gay laws,Instead of tightening their fight of poverty and AIDS. Its really sad.Zambians are my neighrbours, im from Botswana and a lot of them migrate into Botswana bcoz of poverty and political unrest, yet the parliament is more concerned with homosexuality while there are more pressing issues.

Botswana aint better either, while they don't go around spewing homophobic speeches, all they do is ignore we exist.I'd take that over the zambian homophobic law but it still hurts to be ignored.

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