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17 April 2009



This story is so sad it makes me tear up every time I see the updates, and, it is even sadder that today is his birthday as my was last Friday and makes me wonder what if someone had badgered me to the point I could not take it. Hopefully this tradgey will lead to schools making a stand that taunts and bullying will not be allowed by actually doing something instead of saying they don't appove of it.

Laws have to be stricter and enforced for gay bashing, words or otherwise, and, my thoughts and prayers are with the family.


"Ironic much? If Carl had lived, he woould have sadly discovered the black church and contact sports would be even more intolerant and homophobic than sixth graders."

That's powerful, Rod.

And the truth is, the sixth graders who taunted Carl were intolerant and homophobic because of the other two groups.

In all likelihood, the blood is on the hands of some of the very same adults who you see "mourning" in the funeral pictures: the church mothers and fathers, who taught their little sixth graders to hate "punks."

Derrick from Philly

Wouldn't it be something if ministers/pastors were to use Carl's story in their sermons--to teach what happens when people loose the ability to empathize? When they deliver hate & pain to someone who tried to give them love? No, it won't happen. That would be too Christ--like.


tHIS STORY BREAKS MY HEART!!!!! We need to raise our children to accept others for who they are and not what they are or seem to be. I am heartbroken over this little boy. The pain he was going through and the pain his mother is going through now.

Chitown Kev

Thank you so much for this Rod.

The sad part of this story is that, at his age, little fella probably did see the church as a safe haven from the bullying. But...IF he turned out to be gay, he would have to hear that mess from the pastor as well.


Mrs Walker please accept my deepest sympathies. All of us at this blog can identify with his pain.


People keep talking about anti gay bullying..how do they know he was gay?? and so what if he was?

i was terrorized in 6th and 7th grade..people called me a f*g and a few even urinated on my yearbook at the end of the year. The school did NOTHING...it effected me for a long time, eventually i did come out BUT in 6th grade, i wasn't thinking about my sexuality.


I hope these children feel the guilt and hope that in the future they think twice about name calling. The thing is, there is usually a ring leader and other kids sometimes go along with the bulling to be "cool" or to prevent being a bully victim themselves.


You all are so right on with this. All the so called Christians say they hate the sin but love the sinner and the preachers who use homophobia as a sure fire sermon rouser can't see the corelation between what they say and the untrained actions of young people. I wish someone could go around with a camra and interview people like T.D Jakes, Eddie Long and Donnie McClurkin, show them this dear boy's picture. Tell them his story (I'm sure it's not in the black press) and let's see what their opinions will be......


Rod thanks a million for these updates...they are tragic but the truth always hurts and we live in an ugly society.


This tragedy truly saddens me. This beautiful child, this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young man. I pray that God will hold you and keep you in his arms for all eternity because this is not suicide but murder. I am tired of seeing the results of such hatred and misguidance.


Being a little black gay boy growing up in detroit in the 80s you can be sure i was bullied something awful! It was horrible!

But we are supposed to be living in a more progressive society. No one should have to endure pure torture of any kind. This could've been sadly detailed totally different, because this poor child could've went in that school and created a brutal scene. The world is not what it use to be, not that it was any better. But the results of getting tired and fed up is DEATH. Period, and there seems to be no other options. We have got to stand up and say "No more!", and that means through actions not just words.


These seemingly minor slurs are so frequent that they tend to fly over the heads of heterosexuals, but each one of these remarks is taken personally by the LGBT person because they ARE personal. Each one of these slurs is like a dagger through the heart. No 11-year old child should have to contemplate suicide because of the ignorance of others. We need to teach our children that hatred, discrimination, and prejudism is unacceptable. This is such a tragedy...

S. Flemming

I have yet to see anything about this on mainstream black news sources ... though I could have just overlooked it. If there isn't anything there I would not be surprised. I'm just sad that this happened at all.

Chitown Kev

Tolliver, east side or west side? I left Detroit after I graduated in '85.


The blood is on everyone's hands... the churches that preached intolerance rather than love, the parents who shown their kids intolerance rather than than compassion, the school officials and teachers who stood by and did NOTHING, as well as the students that not only taunted and teased, but also stood by and did nothing, even had they known it's wrong.

However, at the risk of sounding heartless and cruel, should we even be surprised? At a time when violence against gay people are on the rise, when the government is revoking anti-discrimination laws against sexual orientation, when law makers and religious leaders join in unison in public condemning homosexuality and demanding discrimination and intolerance, what is a kid to think? Of course, they would get the idea, that rather than show respect and be tolerant, it's o.k. to be cruel to those you deem unworthy, it's o.k. to ignore the plight of other people that you deemed insignificant. Rather than compassion, they were taught to hate.

So, should we be surprised, given the state of how our society thinks and treats gay people? I don't think so...


Where are we? This is horrible. When we schools and parents learn:

"That sticks and stones may break my bones - BUT no surgery, nor band-aid or aspirins can undo the harshness of WORDS!"

Why is this STILL going on in our schools and neighborhoods? It is not okay to allow kids to harass other kids!

Very sad.


Exactly what will it take to start taking bullying seriously??? I believe we, as a society, have sunk down pretty low to drive CHILDREN to end their life because of it.

Chitown Kev

S. Flemming

There's a blurb on "Black Voices" and another on BET but you have to look for it. The comment section in the Black Voices blurb is really good but you know...

You're right, black news organizations don't want to go here. Then all that funky laundry about "acting white" will start showing.


what makes me so sad is that a kid as sensitive as carl is exctly what this world needs, and now he'll never be able to make the impact i know he would have made. maybe his tragic death will change the lives of the next generation of bullied kids.


I feel so sorry for this Boy's parents and the rest of his family because I know what it is like as a child growing up and kind of knowing that I was gay but didn't know how to deal with it. I just wish that this did not have to happen. Our Federal Government seriously needs to do something about situations like this, because We, GAY PEOPLE, are Americans as well as the rest of this Country. WE, GAY PEOPLE, as the rest of the HETEROSEXUALS in this country should have equal rights just as it says in the U.S. Constitution.

Mel Smith

I agree with most of you, but EVERYBODY is to blame for that young boy's death. We allow those monsters to disrespect our sexuality everyday. I also blame the parents of the students who taunted Carl because they are responsible for the anti-gay hate that came out of their children's mouths. Many so called "ministers" also are responsible for Carl's death, as well as the closeted coward homos that pretend to be straight. I'm so upset right now. Guys, we have take it to the streets with these people.


I am so sorry for this boy's family, because I know what it is like. You see I am gay too and I was severely teased as a child to the point of suicide myself and I know what it is like for him. I'm not really sure what really got me through it but I did survive and I just wish that something could be done very soon for us as "GAY PEOPLE" so that we could have the same rights.

Mikey D

I'm so saddened about this story because as a young black kid I also received attacks about my sexuality and masculinity and it hurt something terrible. Truth be told it's something I still deal with today however as a grown man who saw my way through this harassment I'm thankful that I didn't choose to end my life - though there times, about the ages of twelve until sixteen that I could have done it. Which leads me to wonder what is the difference between this child's outcome and mine and I just don't know. In the end, it doesn't matter for me, as an educator I pledge to do all that I can to not allow any cases of bullying to be taken casually.

alicia banks


another beautiful little boy has hung himself and died due to gaybashing peers:



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