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13 April 2009



Amazon messes with my ability to read James Baldwin and they mess with me. If they don't have a better excuse than "glitch" I an going to boycott that site. I usually go to them for my LGBT content but they can forget about it. Frederick Smith is a talented writer and his book is no more adult than the hetero content that was allowed to stay ranked.

Ohhh Amazon in the age of the 24/7 media and the blogsphere you done awoke a sleeping giant!


It also appears to be a rather spotty decision,,
Rankings have been removed for some editions of classic books, but not others. For example, paperback "Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and MM paperback "Giovanni's Room" have had their rankings removed, but the hardcover editions still have theirs.

I hope you're right and Amazon realizes how wrong this is. Until then, they've lost my business.

D. Askew

They ONLY did it to gay themed books as was pointed out repeatedly at OP's link. How could this not be interpreted as homophobic????


So you can search for Hitler's Mein Kampf and straight erotica but not E Lynn Harris or Brokeback Mounatin.

Does. Not. Compute.


Are we sure this is homophobia?

It doesn't seem Amazon would want to alienate part of audience and lose sales during a recession.

Barry S

“The spokesperson added that there was no new adult policy.”

He did mention, however, that the new childish policy was working well, thank you!


Yep. It’s just a glitch, nothing to see here. Definitely not homophobia, even though a spokesperson says "we exclude 'adult' material from appearing in some searches and best seller lists."

Nothing to see, keep moving folks.

Shane Moseley

Too “adult?” Ridiculous.

Amazon just lost my business.


Oh now suddenly its a "Glitch." LOL at them thinking they could mess with the gay dollar and get away with it, RETRACTING their actions and calling it a glitch when the pink mafia gets on that ass. Amazon does not want to go broke and be blacklasted, trying to cover their own asses.


Glitch means simply that they got busted. They took an action and now there are repercussions.

Shirley Hicks

Any email or contact links for the general user to express outrage? I was just over at the site and there is no obvious "Contact us" link for customer feedback.

I'm not LGBT, but _any_ notion of pre-filtering or removal of information is BAD, BAD, BAD. Build filters for customers to use, by all means. But if you've listed it, don't arbitrarily pull it.

aliia banks

thank u rod!

i am channeling mr. rogers now:
"can you say boycott?...i thought you could"!!!!!!!

i spend tons of cash at amazon

i have been a loyal customer for over a decade

i will now take my cash to




Let amazon know how you feel!


Send them an email!

Lee Hayes, author

WTF? This is absolutely ridiculous! I had no idea this was going on. A glitch in the system? Their glitchs sounds really homophobic!


Why is Amazon delisting LGBT books for being too ‘adult’?

I’ll take a stab; because they are a bunch of gutless pussies still catering to the frenzied, anal retentive, inbred mob culture of Christian Conservatives?


“glitch”, eh? Well, for my own part, and I may be a littel crazy, but I have no intention of running my personal finance information through a computer system that is all “glitchy”.


So this was all caused by a glitch huh? Cool. Who’d ‘a’ thunk?


Rod, I believe you have a policy against posting links in comments, but hoping you'll highlight blackgaybooksonline.com as a cool place to find black GLBT literature of all kinds...We need to let Amazon know this kind of bull will not be tolerated. I'll take my hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Rafael, that is an excellent suggestion and the link is included above.

BTW, anyone here can post links. I don't have a policy against posting links in comments. I do have a policy against people using comments to excessively promote products or services. That is not the purpose of comments (or this blog) and it is not fair to my advertisers. But your suggestion is great, thanks. -RM

Andy Niable

Yes, a glitch is possible (though many are still understandably skeptical), but Amazon.com could certainly help mend fences by offering all LGBT titles at a discount.

Until this fully plays out, though, my Amazon.com credit card will stay in my wallet and I'll continue to have my own "glitch" about buying anything from the site.

Thomas M

I hear you Andy. I'm having a glitch with my credit cards too. I might have to trek to Borders.


This is what happens when you start delisting things. It’s soft book burning in the first place, so you can hardly be surprised when the politicism spreads beyond sexual taboos.

It definitely looks like these Amazon listings are actively political in nature. Who’d have guessed?


I will no longer be shopping at Amazon!

Byron in PGC

I’m seriously disappointed. I’ve been a increasing my business with Amazon lately. I sent an email asking for an explanation. I will hold off on any future business until I see how they address this issue.

Christian Lebeija

I am dismayed by this seeing as how I buy most of my books online and they had been so helpful and courteous to me in the past. But this news has me rethinking what kind of company they are. I am no longer going to be spending my hard earned money with them.


Why isn’t the Bible on that list? It has incest, rape, murder, genocide, and other adult themes. I’m sure they’re fine with that and all the tripe put out by Focus on the Family ...

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