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21 April 2009



Good lord, have mercy.
I can't even begin to wrap my head around this one.

Wil Lavender

I don't know what to say. Two kids that has taken their lives over this. The common element is the schools. In both cases they have not done anything at all to stop this. When one kid--one person dies because of bulling--it effects us all.


This is an outrage! Two mothers complained about the bullying of one boy and the school, system did NOTHING.

This is almost criminal. In fact I hope they get an incredible attorney who knows how to make this school system pay dearly and make it safer for the nest child.


Wow this Bullying has got to stop. These are innocent babies dying. They should make those bullys go to the morge and make them look at what they did.


"The DeKalb School System refuses to discuss the case."

Yes, they better not say anything because they now know their jobs and careers are on the line. They could have saved this sweet young child but did nothing.


here we go again another young life is taken from us

this bullying must end

shame on these kids and their parents and the school

S. Flemming

This is getting really scary now ... Jesus.


I have a bad feeling that by the end of the school year in an inner-city neighborhood this "gay bullying" mess is going to cause another borderline Columbine incident.

It is clearly going in that direction. My guess it will be one who did exhaust all of the diplomatic channels (reporting multiple incidents to the school, police and such and nothing was done) and is finally pushed over the edge.

One can only take so much until going to school becomes the equivalent of water-boarding or the shaking torture methods used by intelligence agencies. It becomes harder and harder to learn when you know at 3:15 the equavalent of a mob is waiting to beat you up outside the school and no teacher is coming to your rescue.

This has got to be addressed. It will never stop because of what kids are taught at home but a strong message can be sent to those who continue to abuse those they deem "weaker" than they are.

If young kids are taught they can beat up other kids without consequences then what happens when they are adults and get a boss they don't like and deem him/her to be weaker or gay?

In this case a headlock until the poor child passed out is an outright assault. Case closed. Discussion over. I hope his friends testify against those little crap stained underwear wearing little farts who targeted him.

I would not be surprised if several of their parents discourage this couragious act though or in the case of the really "smart" project parents start asking little Raekwon if he too is gay.

Ignorance can be contagious and spread like wildfire.

alicia banks

i blogged on this too...




i saw the headline and thought this was a bad dream. another little angel only 11 years old. he didnt know of he was even gay or straight, how can they do this? this behavior is just awful

i am crying inside


Very sad. I hope this stop.

Gurlene... ignorance is contagious.

I too was bullied and called those names. I had backbone fortunately and talked sh^t right back to them. Though they were right being gay but I wasn't a punk.


My prayers are with the family, we really need to pray for OUR children.

this bullying and homophobia must STOP

Dave F

what a adorable little boy, god it's even worse to hear when you see his face. god bless that family


Mrs. Herrera, your son is very good looking young man. I will pray for you and your family, We all need to pray for our children,

This hate and bullying needs to stop. I been through it too. I'm gay and 25 now and it still continues. I wear hearing aids and was a little feminine and I got picked on all the time. Horrible times.


What a handsome young man. Prayers to the family and for the soul of this young man. Bullying should be zero tolerance.

boot the little bast*rds right out of school and start up the reform schools like they used to have.

and these parents need to stop teaching and encouraging homophobia

Former COGIC

And what does the black church have to say about this bullying and these taunts?

Inquiring minds want to know ...


I wonder when will people get it? when will they understand?


Wow, you can tell he was a great kid by that photo. The boy was talented, he was a great artist and his grades were top notch. What a tragic loss.

How many suicides will it take to get the attention of our so called black community leaders?


I am sorry for the loss of this family, he was so handsome , this story make me so mad that some students are so cruel , i hope the school take some action right away..

i was also bullied and beat up at school because i was gay, they called me this before i even knew it

alicia banks


excellent question!!!

if the church is honest and brave it will say ONLY this:

"good job you divine little brats...you have pleased your preachers and god by slaying that gay boy's spirit as he has slain his body"...


these bratty illiterate kids are doing just what they are taught to do at church and home...

all gaybashers of all ages REEK in the nostrils of god!!!:

"These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me."
-- John 16:2-3

Derrick from Philly

Law suits. Whether they are brought by parents or gay & civil rights organizations. You have to get their attention. And the lawsuits shouldn't just be against the school districts, but also individual school administrators, teachers, parents of the offending children, etc. Anything to make them understand that they can't continue to do nothing while vulnerable children are driven to suicide.

And if older children hold your child in a headlock until he passes out, why weren't the police involved? Yes, I know: the mother went for help, but the authorities didn't help.

Law suits.

Nathan James

I'll say this again: Nothing has changed since I was a schoolkid getting beaten and bullied in the "70s. The teachers and staff will NOT put a stop to bullying, because:

a) It is easier to label the bullying victim "disturbed" and a "disruptive element" if, and when, he or she fights back, than it is to discipline the 20 or 30 students--an entire classroom--who are doing the bullying.

b) Bullying is still considered something that "normal, well-adjusted" children do to "different" or "unacceptable" children, or otherwise the bullying victim is blamed for the abuse. The bullying is somehow "provoked" by the victim, in his or her mannerisms, visible disability, or appearance.

I can't begin to count the number of times teachers told me, "they're not laughing WITH you, they're laughing AT you"...yet they did nothing to suggest why I was being laughed at, or made any attrempt to correct the foul behavior of those laughing AT me. Of course, it just got worse. The other kids began to rip my hearing aids from my ears and throw them everywhere. This gave them great opportunity to kick me while I scambled on my hands and knees to retrieve them.

My complaints fell on the deaf ears of teachers and principals who otherwise had perfectly normal hearing. How I failed to kill myself during those years is a mystery to me...oh, wait, I did attempt suicide TWICE during my teen years, I forgot...but then, I became the crazy, emotionally disturbed person. I tried to remind all the "learned professionals" that I had been beaten silly over the preceding few years, but those protests only got me put on meds...

It's horrific to see that no progress in addressing the bullying issue has been made since the 1970s, and kids are still killing themselves, without an atom or a tittle of care from adults whose job it is to prevent things from getting that bad...

Derrick from Philly


I'm sure there were other factors involved, but your courage got you through those years. You must know by now how strong you were back then as you recovered from the torture you received as a child. Some people call it--resilience, and most children have it...I believe. What happened to many of the prepubescent gay bashers that attacked you? How many of them are alive? Not in jail, not on drugs? In the long run, you were stronger.

we disagree on one thing though: I believe that violence against gay or perceived to be gay children is worse today. How do I claim that? Violence period is worse today, isn't it?

I was harassed, but it never got really violent until I was much older (an adult)....and it wasn't 'cause I was tough--not at all. That's why I feel people weren't as mean. Don't get me wrong, people were still vicious toward feminine boys and masculine girls, but the black community where I lived wasn't going to stand but so much punishment of a gay child--punishment that they could witness, of course.

You know, I always felt smarter and superior to those that gay-bashed me--even the adults.

Nathan James


I think violence against gay, or gay-appearing, kids is AT LEAST as bad as it was back in the 1970s, if not worse. The key phrase in your post is "punishment they [adults] could witness". Of course, the worst abuses take place in the absence of adult supervision, and that's another reason nothing gets done about it. The old "I didn't actually see you get beaten/pushed/kicked, so I can't do anything about it".

You're correct about my biggest tormentor. I learned in later years that he was perpetually in and out of the prison system, where he is to this day. But most of the other kids who did vileness upon me have gone on to live successful, enjoyable lives. One is even the CEO of a major textile firm today. His arrogance and disdain for those "less than" him have served him well. Like it or not, these attitudes are encouraged in alpha males, and rewarded in the business world. That's just how things are.

The other big problem in addressing anti-gay bullying is that gayness is STILL unacceptable to a HUGE portion of the American people, and you'd better believe that goes for school staff, too. Often, it is the case that a gay, or "gay-appearing" student is seen by teachers, principals, and school psychologists as "getting what he/she brought on themselves" for being or appearing gay...


There really isn't much I can say at this point, but the family of this BEAUTIFUL young boy is in my prayers.

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