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10 April 2009


Derrick from Philly

Very tragic and painful occurence. No eleven year old can endure such cruelty by him/herself. You need some kind of support at that age.

All of the above comments on this topic show the high quality of intelligence and sincere compassion of visitors to this blog. Thanks.


Makes me so mad. This same thing happened to a young girl who was bullied while I was in junior high. Makes me hesitant to have kids of my own.


I'm 42 years old and this story reminds me of the teasing and nasty remarks I was subjected to when I was CARL age. I imagine that what I had to endure was nothing compared to what little CARL experienced. Kids are so much meaner, nastier and tuned in to sex and sex hatred. CARL was just a little boy. I wish I could have been there to protect him.

Tommy Ross

So many emotions. I'm sad, disgusted, outraged and want to scream. And cry! This poor aching soul, such a sweet young boy and with his whole life ahead of him.
Such a sweet child and such dedicated mother.


This is the harvest of all the hate that is out there. As other posters have said, we have no idea what this kids sexual orientation was/was going to be. But just being different was enough to make him the object of ridicule and hate.

We need to hold school administrators responsible for creating a safe environment for our children. So many turn a blind eye to this type of bullying, but would never allow a child to be called a ni**er in school, or for a young girl to be called a b*tch. But fag, homo, and the rest are fair game. Enough is enough!! Too many children are driven into depression and suicide by this hate. Something must be done.

alicia banks

i quit my job as a teacher because of the amoral, cruel, illiterate, horrid, uncivilized, and unkempt children who come to most public schools exclusively to engage in such sadistic antics all day rather than become educated


like black adults, black kids are the worst gaybashers in the world

god bless his eternal soul



This is beyond tragic. My heart goes out to this boy and how he suffered. His mother tried her best to be proactive and got no help. I agree with others that a lawsuit is in order. Not that money will compensate for the pain, but there have been many suits filed against schools who did nothing to stop bullying. Sometimes you got to hit them in the pocket book to make people do the right and decent thing.


I feel so very sorry for this boy. What terror and horror he must have experiences, and to feel there was no way out. And his poor mother ... words cannot express the hurt and sorrow she is experiencing.

alicia banks

dear rod:

i just linked this to my blog...thanks for telling OUR stories always!!!

god bless you



This story reminds me a young hoodnik' on the subway a few days ago cursing at the top of his lungs with his homies about how he made his son go back and fight some other kid because he wasn't raising no fagg*t.

I wonder if he is going to visit his son in prison if he had to go to "extreme measures" to prove to daddy he is no fagg*t.

Oh and by the way, "daddy" looked all of 21 at best. He did say his son was in the first grade so you go figure from there the influence "daddy" will have over his son.

S. Flemming

Wow ...

Steve Danielson

it makes me mindful of the importance of kindness in our lives ... how sad, my thoughts to the family in this sad time.


Like young Carl, I too was harassed all through my Junior and Senior years of High School. So, I know the anguish he suffered for simply been who and what he is. I hope their lawyers wring every f***ing dollar they can wrench out of every teacher, Principal and Superintendent, including the School Board collectively, for the damage they’ve done by violating every state and federal law they can dredge up against the perpetrators. We can’t blame the other kids who did the actual acts of overt harassment so much as they were encouraged, actually given license, to act out with implied permission of the adults in the school system. Don’t any of them ever read the news to see how other schools in similar situations have been court ordered to remedy their homophobic attitudes and behavior.


Sorry but Yes the students CAN be held accountable for their actions, but more importantly, their PARENTS can be held to account for the student’s actions.

THAT is the way to get at the root of the matter, sue the parents of the little monsters. When the parents have to PAY for the problem, the problem will begin to subside.


what a adorable little boy, god it even worse to hear when you see his face. god bless that family


They are parents who know their kids are bullies yet dont do anything. All they do is say "not my baby, not my boy" that is why kids are such lost cases. Schools should be very aggresive and take very harsh actions against bullies, and their parents. Im afraid another suicide is just waiting to happen


I've read a good amount of the posts on this tragedy. I think there's validity in a lot of what's been said about responsibility of parents, the school, etc. Violence is escalating all over - adults shooting up nursing homes, school shootings, on and on. I don't have an answer to what's happening in our nation, but the one thing each of us controls is how we treat/speak to each other and how we model that for the kids who look up to us. Re. Carl, while kids are under the school's supervision, school authorities have the responsibility to protect our kids. And they failed him.

Danny Rivera

I was bullied by the same boy from my first day of kindergarten until my high school graduation did anyone do anything to stop him? NO! Its such a shame that it takes the death of an 11 year old boy for people to wake up and realize how cruel kids can be. I have considered home schooling my children so they won't have deal w/ this cruelty. The bullying that goes on at schools has lead to several school shootings and so many deaths of children there should be more done to prevent it.

Bill W

I can't believe they resolved it by having him eat lunch with the person who threatened him. They need to look closely at their conflict resolution program. I am sorry but I don't feel this was the appropriate thing to do.

I feel for you for the loss of your son. He is a beautiful child I am sure he loved you very much. You are in my prayers.


I am so sorry for your loss. But I am 26 and have gotten bullied in school and teachers did nothing. it made me feel worthless. It made me realize seeing the bullies as I got older that they did not amount to nothing. they were trying to get attention they werent getting from home in other ways that were negative. and its not right.

Mrs. walker always remember the times u had with your son, he accomplished great things at such a young age. and I know many people were proud of him. As for the bullies they will be the lonely ones and never amount to nothing.


my most sicere condolences to Mrs. Walker. bullying is normally related to the agressor's sense of personal inadequacy or sense of depravation. those who demonstrate a propensity for ganging up or 'packing' are typically very insecure. a few sessions with a half decent school psychologist can quickly root out these personalities, with the help of some history. psychologically treated in a timely fashion for their problems they are less likely to contribute to creating conditions of this tragic proportion.

peace be with you and trust me, you have many friends at this blog. we experienced bullying too.


This story is so tragic!! And for people being shocked that this occurred in 6th grade, don't be. I see this more and more from young kids who are so socially "grown", yet still so immature. There is the stereotype that is out there that if you are a black male who dresses a certain way and looks like something other than a damn ragamuffin thug with your pants hangin off your ass that you must be gay.

I used to mentor a kid who was bright, clean cut, and dressed very preppy who had to change schools because the harrassment was so bad. He wasn't even gay. But when he switched schools he changed the way he dressed and carried himself to avoid being made fun of again. He's not the only young brotha I know who resorted to dummying down because of being called gay for his intelligence and dress.

When are we going to really address the issues in our subculture, music, television, church, etc that continues to reinforce these stereotypes? No time soon as far as I can see. And sadly, there will be more Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover tragedies.


Rest in peace young, Carl. May your journey be light!!


I also wrote about this senseless tragedy. I would love to get your feedback.


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