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17 April 2009


Nathan James

The purpose of Sen. Diaz' "emergency meeting" (WHAT "emergency"?) is to organize a protest rally against gay marriage in New York, to be held "sometime in May", according to his Christian Community Neighborhood Church.

I'd better get right to work on a counter-demonstration...

Mel Smith

Hey Nathan, count me in! I hate when prejudice people like Sen. Diaz try to speak for the entire group that he represents. Not all Christians are homophobic.


Notice that Senator Diaz has not organized any marches on a number of other issues. For instance, he has not organized his consituents to protest the rich men down at the end of the island next door who have brought the entire world's economy down, resulting in the need for massive cutbacks in social services in New York, of which the South Bronx uses just a few.

No problem, that, right, Sen. Diaz?

But gay marriage, now THERE is threat to your people.

(Translation: But gay marriage, now THERE is an opportunity to beef up your campagain coffers, make a national name for yourself, and get some nice speaking fees at right-wing mega-churches around the country.)

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