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30 April 2009



that asafa powell is a great sprinter and a phine, phine man


But are they homophobes like the rest of Jamaica? (I don't think that's too much of an exaggeration...)


we like jamaican mon with their big tings

we just don't like them to beat united states, no no no


Hmmmm. I don't recall Asafa Powell making homophobic remarks when he competes on the world stage.

are we making assumptions about every athlete, model or actor from Carribbean, Africa, or Eastern Europe? why not just say they look good and are great athletes? or are we supposed to only appreciate PC countries?



@ Gary

That is a reaching, no? How we would know that? I mean seriously...would it have been logical to assume Team USA in Beijing (=Bush) was pro-war or antigay because the federal government was or many people are?

I'm no fan of the government of Jamaica...or their homophobe policies...or the crazy antigay culture. But I can appreciate the track team, the great music or food, or the scenery, Hell, I can always appreciate a fine man.


Yeah what happened @ Penn Relay? Asafa had a bandage on shin. Didn't look so good but good 2 hear he will recover soon.


Well Bush didn't win by a majority, so that's a moot point :-)

@TB - "PC countries"? Are you serious? So giving equal rights to gay is just being PC?

Sure, he's hot, wank over him all you like, but I personally refuse to support any manifestation of a government that thinks I'm a lesser human.


@ Gary

really? are you REALLY going to try to play popular vote versus electoral college? really, sweety, he was the president unfortunately, two terms, and his entire government was right wing and antigay. or else how do you describe vetoing gay rights legislation, fighting for marriage amendments and not prosecuting antigay hate crimes?

But how are you "supporting" the government of Jamaica by looking at this post? seriously, hon, inquiring minds want to know.

No offense, but do you comment in the many posts about the Jamaican government or homophobia in Jamaica or Africa?

or do you just get self righteous in posts about men, athletes, models, etc?


Oh and one more thing..
I am a black gay man just like many others here. How dare you assume I do not want or care for "equal rights" of gay men in all states and all countries, especially in the black disapora. That is why I read this particular blog. Even making that comment was a bit much.

This article had nothing to do with human rights in Jamaica. And if Asafa Powell said or did anything homophobic or antigay...I know for a fact Rod would never have him on here. Unless he was calling him out. That's real talk!


Oops and I just realised he did beat Kerry fair and square. I was thinking Gore. (move on Gary! lol)

No I agree, Bush was a horrible president, and the world was flabbergasted when he was reelected. But I think that was somewhat reflected in his historically low popularity ratings.

I'm not supporting the govt of Jamaica, I'm supporting this amazing website which does a great job of keeping me up to date with gay rights around the world, which is why I know that polls (if they are to believed) show that the majority of Jamaicans don't even believe that gays should have the right not to be discriminated against in terms of employment, housing etc.

I don't think I do post in the posts about Jamaican homophobia, I merely read them and shake my head in disgust.

I'm sorry if I seemed self-righteous, I didn't mean to, I just thought that there are plenty of other hot athletes out there without Rod having to show Jamaica in a positive light. Because I honestly don't think they deserve it.


Sure Asafa will be fine for the next two big meets......unless he is behind in the race.....or he has to run against someone who is competitive.....Then he will choke like he always does.

Even my old coworker who is from Jamaica says that he chokes in the big races.

At the Penn relays he saw that he was behind and would not be able to catch the US and he gave up like he always does........but he is as fine as he can be and what a beautiful body


@ Gary:

I also apologize if I rushed to judgmement or was too sarcastic.

but i respectfully disagree...
i don't think rod of all people is trying to promote jamaica. there is good and bad news, and there are good and bad governments. should be not look at any pics of that gorgeous black model oraine barrett b/c he is jamaican? or what is that nigerian model name, kwame?

i agree and say i love this site, its got everything from barbara lee (my congresswoman!) to african gays to porn news to fashion. i hope i haven't overstayed my welcome! but if you look at sports, there are plenty of athletes from plenty of countries.

my two cents sorry if i digress


Butchie is on the money about the "injury" at penn relays. We have seen that before from Asafa.

Gorgeous body and very handsome for an island bwoy.


Butchie, my sentiments exactly. It's hard to get excited when Asafa is in the race cause you never know which way it is going to go. As homophobic as Jamaica is, in an awards ceremony the male presenter did comment on Asafa's bulge the way Rod always does. The room fell over in laughter. I admire they way he profiles, he does nothing to prove he's got plenty of testosterone and has never made any disparaging comments.


"goregeosu body and very handsome for an island boy"

...hopefully you are not implying than island bwoy are not handsome and do not have great bodies...
Cause I would wonder which islands you have been to to make that assertion.

Asafa is hawt but they are many hawt men in Jamaica and the islands


These track guys are motivational as I pretend and fantacize about being a great track star on the treadmill. :)

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