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25 April 2009


Curt Sloan

I'm really sorry to hear this sad news.I loved the Golden Girls!

All four actresses were fabulous in their roles but Ms Arthur was my favourite - by far.

Thank you so much for all the laughs.


bea arthur was comedic gold. so sad.


Thanks for all the laughs, Bea. I watch The Golden Girls reruns and still crack-up. They don't make shows like that anymore...the actresses/actors and the writers were the best.


I'm not ashamed of saying that I was a huge fan of Golden Girls (when I was a young man in his twenties). The show was hilarious and had a lot to say about women "of a certain age." The description "classy dame" aptly applies to Bea Arthur.


very sad news...bless her family..


I cried when I heard the news early today. Bea was truly a remarkable and talented actresss and comedienne. She was my favorite Golden Girl and she is truly one of a kind. Rest in Peace, Bea. Thank you for being our friend.


I loved the Golden Girls, it is always a great deal of sadness when a talented and great person like Bea is taken form us. She will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace. thanks for all the laughs.

King Drive

In heaven, tapping Carroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker) on the shoulder,

"Maudie's here!"

Aaron Parker

what a talent. bea arthur gave me many, many laughs over the years. sympathies to the family.

here's a cocktail to you, bea!


wow king drive, i was cool until i read your post, then i started shedding tears.

it's amazing how people you don't even know can have such an impact on your life. this woman has made me laugh since i was a little boy. she really will be missed.


What a loss. Not unexpected but a loss all the same.

I also grew up watching Bea Arthur in the 70s and 80s, so many laughs...so many memories. I loved her as Maude and loved her as Dorothy.

Here's to you Maudie.


OMFG. This really affects me.

I am so sad right now.


RIP you incredible lady!

Now there will never be a GG reunion.


I loved that woman. She and the other girls got a lonely black gay boy in South Central through so many Saturday nights. I'm literally crying as I type this. I know, MARY! RIP Bea!

Dave in Houston

Thank you for being a friend!


Two weeks shy of 87 years old.

Good bye Dorothy and Maude.
We loved you.

Daniel Baylis

We are saddened.

A life well lived.

Shawn Forbes

Truly, the end of an era!


The clip with Rock Hudson is...priceless! Bea's foghorn, hammy vaudeville style during the chorus should make any serious drag queen sit up and pay attention. What style, what class...and how deliciously 70's!

Where have the stars like that gone?

RIP, Bea, you ol' battleaxe. We loved ya.


Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn't care if the whole world looked...

Joan of Arc with the Lord beside her, she was a sister who really cooked...

And then there's Maude. And then there's Maude.


Eric Trujilio

One of the fast disappearing class of true entertainers. Her and Angela Lansbury's rendition of Bosom Buddies from Mame is one of the all-time great songs about friendship . . . or maybe 'frenemyship'

Farewell, Bea. There goes another great comedienne and performer. At least we have memories of Bea as Dorothy in "The Golden Girls" reruns we can see on several channels: We, Lifetime, and Hallmark.


Very sad. I didn't know she had cancer.

Bea kept us laughing and living.


Ironically, I Googled Ms. Arthur's name this morning; I don't know why really; perhaps because I rediscovered her recently through Golden Girls reruns on Hallmark. I read her bio and list of roles (very impressive). I was amazed that she was 86 and a really Golden Olden Girl. Little did I know this morning that she was slipping away.

I have to admit that Golden Girls is my all time favorite comedy series---- I always laugh deeply, no matter how many times I see an episode. In fact, it's the only series that makes me really laugh all the time. A remarkable combination of superb writing and ensemble acting.

Thank you Dorothy Zbornak for wonderful memories. Rest in peace and condolences to your loved ones, including Rue and Betty.

Steven Starr

Goodbye, Bea. You always managed to brighten up this dreary little world wherever you went and whatever you did. I'll miss you.


I feel like I lost a friend today. Bea, I can't express how much you'll be missed. Rest in peace.

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