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24 April 2009



" 'Put on your tough face, Carl.' Because he was always smiling. But he didn't have a tough face. He was a sweet kid."

Tough = good.
Smile = bad.


Society = done.

R. O.

Thanks Rod! It is good that this is getting the attention that it deserves.

Derrick from Philly

Still so painful....but you keep on going. And some folks, like Carl's mother, will do something to help. Most of us just keep going...a piece of your heart might be torn away, but you just keep going.


Rod - thank you so much for posting! Sad indeed.


I think she is so strong...


Tough = good.
Smile = bad.

Sadly this is one of the consequenses of our current 'thug' fixation. It breaks the heart to watch as beautiful smiling happy young men and women put on the mask of 'hardness' as they get older.

Also bravo to you, Rod, for staying on top of this story. Another popular (do I have to say white?) gay blog just discovered this yesterday -- thanks to you.

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