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14 April 2009



--->A spontaneous "boys night out" with accused girlfriend beaters Chris Brown and Tyrese "No Homo" Gibson.

You slay me, lol.
And I'm sorry but even hanging out with the R&B wifebeaters cannot butch up Omarion.

King Drive

Agreed. Omarion should get back together with Bow Wow. The silly sex tape rumor and hanging out with these wanna be R&BB thug isn't cute.

Or convincing.


Oohh maybe Omarion is really a bad boy? Not gay or soft?? I think he is harder than we think he is ...


Yea, Omarion gets very "hard" when he is around Bow Wow and probably Tyrese too, lol


lol @ daniel


Keith Robinson was there. Interesting... hmmm well i think i have answer about him that I've question for awhile now.

Just way too many suspect for this get together.

It's all good cause I would be there too. I wonder did they take the group back to a place for a group play??? I can imagine everyone tagging O.


You weren't the only one thinking about that one. Keith Robinson, Omarion and Tyrese.

Yea, sounds very suspect to say the least, and I remember Tyrese and his 'friend' in the 'house' in Detroit years ago ...

Reggie H

Very sad that he's hanging out with men who beat women.


Yall are so harsh on Omarion, if he is gay that is cool, if he is not that is cool too but we have better things to do than to talk rumours about about him.


Grant, we like Omarion a lot ...
We just don't like him pretending to be in sex tapes (with girls) and hanging out with Chris Brown just to look straight.


"Grant" might have a point. If O is gay or not, that is his own path. If we keep pushing him doesn't that make it worse? (sp?) I know I hated being pushed to come out when I wasn't sure...

And Grant you are a cutey ;)

Sean B

I dunno about that Nicholas ...

The OK! story is about Chris Brown partying and dancing his cares away.

If Omarion is hanging out with one man accused of biting his girlfriend and another accused of kicking his pregnant girlfriend, that sounds like Omarion's problem.

But yes, I do think he is trying too hard lately.


i am not sure what is up with o. is he gay? straight? bi? i dunno. i think he is very sexy and do think he had more fun when he was with bowwow though and i liked them as a boys/couple


Look, I understand why some of you would be upset that Omarion would lower himself by hanging around with girlfriend-beaters, by I do see where Omarion is coming from.

Just imagine your boyfriend makes a video in which he channels Nancy Sinatra singing “These Boots." When Nancy Sinatra/Bow Wow sings, “You’ve got…,” exactly who did you thing she/he is singing about? Then to add insult to injury, BW holds up a magazine cover with a beautiful woman on it and pretends to be turned on. Wouldn’t you be hot under the collar? Haven’t you ever wanted to make a reply video to some boyfriend who kicked you to the curb publicly?

We even saw Rick Ross do the same thing with Kanye just a few weeks ago. It was probably all about that big fish.


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,
we have to be understanding, O
has an album coming out, he's counting on his female fanbase
to support him, so he needs this masculine front to blow off the gay rumors and his obvious past relationship with bow wow!

Do NOT use anonymous as a screen name on this blog. Find a screen name and stick with it. -RM


Talk about a 4-some. I would have loved to see that one go down after the lounge.

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