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25 April 2009



GOOD! Sue them all, even the school security guards and all the parents of all those unruly children.

AND start criminal investigation and investigate teachers, administrators, principals ...

That doesnt make any sense if the kids bullied the best friend AFTER Jaheem's suicide. Obviously the incident taught them ... and the school and parents ..,NOTHING!


i wish the district atty the best of luck

Chitown Kev

Rod, I think you meant "beat with belt buckles" in the story.

And you mean to tell me that these are really Bebe's kids? They started bullying his friend after Jaheem committed suicide? That is so beyond the pale, and it indicates...excuse me for this...the true ghetto mentality of these children and their parents. They need to be ashamed of themselves.

Thanks for catching that, Kev. And, yes, there is a very ghetto mentality with these children, I've been saying it all along. -RM


>>>The mother of A.J. Brown—Jaheem's best friend who defended him from bullies—was forced to pull her son from classes after Jaheem's suicide.

This is horrendous. These kids are despicable and their parents are probably even worst...


the best friend is getting bullied too? tHis is a joke right? right?


good! let some of those little monsters spend a few months in juvie and see how they like the consequences of their actions.

Curt Sloan

these children are being taught to be schoolyard bullies and thugs. they deserve juvenile hall. the administrators and parents should be sued, too. then they will pay attention.

Shane Moseley

The prosecutor is throwing down the gauntlet.

Yes let's see what these schools and do nothing parents intend to do about bullying now.


In this story about Mr. Herrera, we learn that he was called "snitch" in addition to gay. In the furor over the gay part, the snitch part is overlooked. Yes, there is a ghetto mentality at work here.
It was NOT overlooked that Jaheem was called a "snitch." It was mentioned in the very">http://rodonline.typepad.com/rodonline/2009/04/antigay-bullying-drives-11yo-georgia-buy-to-suicide.html">very first report on the Jaheem Herrera tragedy. It was also reported numerous times in the Carl">http://rodonline.typepad.com/rodonline/carl-joseph-walker-hoover/">Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover reports.
This is your third attempt to try to fact-check this blog. You're not reading the blog or previous posts, only scanning and looking to see what you believe is missing. Oh and given your email rants to me about black voters and Proposition 8, really, YOU do not want to even use the word "ghetto." Do not make this mistake again. -RM


Rod I was referring to the overall reporting on this tragedy. No, I have not read everything that you have written. I apologize for any confusion.
Okay, it was a misunderstanding. Apology accepted, sorry if I over-reacted and let's move forward. Just as an fyi, we've been talking about both of these stories almost nonstop for three weeks. You might want to read the Jaheem Herrera and Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover archives. Thanks. -RM


these schools need to toughen their stance on bullying...this can not continue


I hope that the schools and the persons who were bullying Jaheem and Carl are given some kind of punishment, a punishment that fits the crime. I was bullied when I was younger. I stutter, so of course, I was compared to Porky the Pig. So, on a certain level, I can understand what Jaheem and Carl were going through.


It just breaks my heart everytime I see Jaheem and Carls pictures. These mothers should stop talking to the media, and consult with lawyers ASAP! They can sue for negligence, pain and suffering. The district needs to pay up!

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