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28 April 2009


M. Mark

Eddie Long and Creflo Dollars wanted to make it but they were tied up protesting marriage equality. Sorry. But they really wanted to be there.

Former COGIC

This is such a very sad story, i feel so sorry for the family of this little boy

But thankfully the gay friendly pastors are stepping up where the "traditional" black church is absent. Not that they can say anything because their hate and intolerance breeds this schoolyard bullying.


rod, this story it means lot to those us in georgia and the atl. and thanks for mentioning darian aron he is doing big thangs

S. Flemming

Yeah we all knew Eddie Long's greasy butt wasn't gonna be there. At least officials are looking into this.

Derrick from Philly

Thinking about Carl and Jaheem, I remembered that back in the 60s (and I guess before) it used to mean something in black communities when someone said, "Don't say that" or "don't do that"...."you gonna' hurt they feelins..."

And most black children took heed to that. Sometimes they even said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings"

I guess not any more.


We have got to do more to protect "our" young boys and girls. In my opinion, kids are so much more aware of sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation. This awareness or rather lack of awareness also makes them more mean and vitriolic in their insults. I think they are just hateful.

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