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15 April 2009




Count me as one of those who love a beautiful black man with some chest hair. Swoon....


chile yes! this man Mr Dhani Jones is the answer!

he is tall, thick and cultured, and very thick in all the right places


Is the camera man gay because I'm loving the butt shots.


I may be wrong, but I sure get the impression that the producers of that show are playing up his "assets" just to increase the gay male audience. I'm not complaining. I bet that more men are watching his show than women are. I wonder why. Did you notice that quick zoom in shot on Dhani's butt wearing out those white pants? That camera shot wasn't by accident. I'm just saying. Dhani is probably the most engaging football player out there. He shows off his body every chance he gets. I love it. Terrell Owens had the same potential, but his mouth always got in his way.


The show is absolutely playing to gay men. All the butt shots, Dhani flirting with the gay boy in London ... I love it. This man is so sexy and so confident. Too bad more American athletes, especiallly black athletes, do not have his confidence in their sexuality and charm.

D. Askew

THIS is a man. In all senses of the word. And baby yes, he has front back sides and center, and has no problem showing off!



Keep more of Dhani coming!


When I first put my profile on Manhunt there was a guy from NYC who kept coming up on my "track" list whose pics looked alot like Dhani. So freakin' hot.

Doug Cooper Spencer

Okay, Rod and all a y'all. Don't get too close to Dhani. He belongs to me! LOL! I see him sometimes here on the streets of Cincinnati. He really seems like a nice guy (ok, ok, he's HOT!) And yes, the show plays up his physical assets.


Tell us more Doug.

I am curious, does Dhani speak to fans? Do you see him alone or with an entourage?


Thank You


Dhani Jones is the epitome of sexy. And in answer to Shemar I also remember that episode in London. He was at the club and one of his hosts was this cute gay black Brit...they flirted and danced for a minute it was very sexy. I would love for to be that close to Dhani Jones for a minute.


This show is ABOUT men watching tv. Men are making this show successful and among those men are gay men. Yes, it's clear the camera men and producers are playing to ALL of his assets, but part of that has to do with the fact that DHANI is so engaging and open to people.

He knows we are watching!


Damn! That's a whole lot of meat for your potatoes! Nothing like a big black booty in white pants. The man is just a beauty.


You'd better preach reverend! You are telling the truth, Dhani is a joy, talent and treasure ... And travel channel knows "we" love him.

James M

I finally got a chance to watch his show yesterday, and not knowing who he was and the type of guy he was, I was completely shocked at how down to earth and nice he was.

Football players seem to have this arrogance about themselves and majority of them dont have a personality (just watch some of there interviews on ESPN). Dhani is really a joy to watch, he's always smiling, he looks absolutely amazing, and he definitely knows how to entertain. Thanks Dhani for changing that stereotype!

Now if only they take that pornstar looking Bridgette girl of Travel channel.... That girl is too X-rated for public TV.


God, he's beautiful. Inside and (of course) out. And the fact that there is this black man who likes to travel and discover the world is just......WOW!

But I bet he gets blasted by other football players because he's so different and intelligent and not stereotypical.


Just love Dhani Jones. He is just over, such a renaissance man and so engaging. I fall in love just watching his show and looking at these delicious screen caps.


At the :58 second mark, there is a close-up of his beautiful a** as the announcer says "Not too shabby..."

Was that just a coincidence??

Ten in My Timbz

Oh snap! I don't think it was a coincidence lol


Dhani is dVine. I love this man. He's smart, good-looking, cultured, and sexy.

The last show in Spain was even better than London where he played rugby or Thailand where he was kickboxing. I can't get enough of the white pants. I wonder if he knows that his show has such a following? I wonder if it would make him uncomfortable?


He is thick as hell and really great on TV. very comfortable in front of the camera. Just wish he would do something with that wig. come on bro - even some twist would be better than the unruly, uneven napppy azz fro. Oh I forgot. Most people probably have never looked at that face because the body is off the chain


MDS said: "Just wish he would do something with that wig. come on bro - even some twist would be better than the unruly, uneven napppy azz fro."

I, for one, love Dhani's hair. That is one of his finest features, and is one thing that makes him stand out from the crowd.

I am so tired of the over-groomed look. It, along with body-building, another current fashion, conveys a pre-occupation with self, which is never good.

To my eye, a bit of nap is a symbol of unselfconsciousness and right (and sexy) values.


In love with Dhani.
A gorgeous man, and sweet personality. AND he looks damned good in a speedo. Yes, a black man with a furry chest makes my heart pound. YUMMMMMMM!!!!
BHS in Dallas

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