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02 April 2009



Now that's a picture for the 21st century!

You go girl!
Even the Queen loves Mrs O!

Bourbon Street

Some of those prissy Brits get on my last nerve. What they need to see in the video is that Michelle Obama CURTSIED before the queen and as an American citizen SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO!

S. Flemming

Yeah I think it's totally cool ... people need to lay off the Obamas. Now they are digging for things to complain about. If the woman reached for Michelle ... then what is the big deal? I just think it shows how amazed people are by them and their presence.


well good to see the Queen touch a black person with affection... Thank God things have changed!


i don't know if they are picking on michelle o in particular but the there is a tradition and protocol with the queen. i am also glad to see the queen is loosening up and becoming a little less reserved around these amazing people.

Derrick from Philly

Do any of y'all remember an incident that happened in the 1990s ( I believe) on one of Elizabeth II visits to the US. She visited some black area of some city (probably DC), and the black woman that greeted her reached and hugged the queen. I mean, a real hug. The queen look startled, and all I could think was, "well, welcome to the hood, Lizzie."

I can't think of any royals I'd want to touch...does the King of Jordan have any sons?


interesting story. It's actually impressive in a way ... the queen hugging a black woman from the south side of chicago, wife to the most important man in the world. michelle did what came natural and that is why we love her so much.

Mark Andrew


Funny you should ask. The King of Jordan has a cousin who is very hot:

He was at Princeton in the late 80's -- not far from Philly. All the gay boys used to thrill when he passed by. But he used to be followed around everywhere by a short dumpy man with a backpack, presumably carrying a semi-automatic handgun.

S. Flemming

What's funny is I just saw a headline that said something like "QUEEN breaks protocol with Obama" not the other way around. It's funny how everybody is digesting this differently.



YES! YES! I was thinking of that "hugging incident" too! The NY Daily News had a hilarious closeup photo of the hug on the front page with the caption "Egad! What a hug!" I saved that newspaper and I think I still have it somewhere. My friend and I howl about that to this day! So glad someone else remembered that. LOL.


Most of the British media says that no protocol was broken. They were commenting mostly on how the Queen seemed to open up to Michelle Obama more than any other First Lady. Mostly the American media is focusing on it because they like to dwell on the latest "controversy." I am proud of the way the President and First Lady are representing this country. What a breath of fresh air.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Mark Andrew:

Prince Ghazi got better looking as he got older. We should all be so blessed.

You know, the Zulus of South Africa still have royalty, I believe. I'll hug me one of them. And the Spaniards & Portuguese still have some dark princes, I bet. We got a Prince from Milwaukee--he's kinda' throw'd in the head though.


I'll never forget that hug. The queen didn't seem to mind the big hug--just a little surprised.

One more Elizabeth II story:

back in 1976, Her Majesty came to Philadelphia for the bicentennial. I was cutting school that day (as usual). The queen was taking a tour of the Liberty Bell & Independence Mall. There were all kinds of "nice" white ladies from the suburbs of Philadelphia-- all crowded around to get a glimpse of the queen--and there were a few black folks standing around too.

Well, Her Majesty was taking too long to come out of the Liberty Bell pavillion. There was a homeless or "real down to earth" black man amongst the crowd of suburban white women. Still, the queen hadn't appeared--he yelled out, "...I aint seen the b*tch yet!"

Those suburban white women acted as though they didn't hear what he yelled. I guess they were scared. I didn't appreciate his comment either, but I didn't dare say anything to him 'cause he probably would've started "reading" this 18 year queen old too.

D. Askew

I think the British reaction is mixed. Two of the newspapers linked above ... the Mail and the Times say royal protocol was broken. You're not supposed to touch the queen. But the queen was clearly showing a rare display of emotion. And yes I do think the Americans are making a big deal as we always do. One of the benefits of our 24/7 cable news culture.


I found this on yahoo:

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time that the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.

"It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection," he said. "We don't issue instructions on not touching the queen."



the photos tell the story. they have their arms around one another and the queen's daughter is looking on saying to herself, "my mother hasn't touched me since i was teenager. what the hell?"


Basically, you touch me and I'ma touch you back! I sense the Obamas are aware of the cultural practices abroad, Michelle just followed suit. Michelle and the Queen probably will exchange cell numbers, blowing each other up. lol


awwwwww sweet but one shouldn't touch the royal 'person'..........!


I remembered the woman in DC who gave "Liz" a great big hug when this so-called story broke. Now THAT was a breach of protocol!:) I think the Brits are right -- the shock is that The Royal Personage actually *touched someone*! That NEVER happens....Michelle O must have made quite an impression.

On the "touching the Royals tip" I've always had a thing for Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia



Total lack of respect this is why the world hates you America

Chris Cruz

Give it a rest, mary. No one really cares about your irrelevant little island or your antiquated monarchy.

roy sironi martinez

I went to school and lived with all different races of people we all have different look,s and expressions but I allways found to have somthing in common, to this day i am 73yr,s old but I feel for all my brother's and sisters of the world, I think it's wonderfull to know and meet so manny people, god bless everybody!

roy sironi martinez

in my lifettime, I have been fortunate to live when Franklin Roosevelt was president and to have voted for one of the greatest president's jack Kennedy and to follow with Bill Clinton, and now president Obama, I know all the presidents are great americans and they all tried to do the best they could I admire them too. thank you


chris don't meet hate with hate. dave is confused. the world is loving the obamas right now and that includes the royal family. i don't think i can ever recall seeing the queen smile so much. such a pleasant change from the dark bush years.


No class! The Obama's had to learn Etiquette on the plane flight to England. Michelle didn't learn enough. Honor and respect should be taught in Chicago. Of course we all know what what Chicago politics is all about. Oh...this is change we can believe in!


@ freeleo: you said it. dave is confused - might "confused" be dave?

@ confused: no class shows up behind the improper placement of apostrophes and unnecessary capitalization: the obama's what? what specific type of Etiquette (sic)? methinks one needs a grammar lesson.

go michelle o!!


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