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09 April 2009


Shane Moseley

I love our mayor!
Just fabulous!

You go Mayor Fenty!


Rod, you are absolutely correct. It's going to be very interesting to see how Congress reacts. The House may not veto it, but the Senate is another story. But it's going to get a little hot in Congress.


i am very very proud of mayor fenty. he has turned out to be such a good mayor and so progressive. he is easily the most gay friendly mayor in our history .. well, most of the recent ones have been extremely supportive of gay rights, marion barry too


Question: Any particular reason you insist on sexualizing the mayor and constantly call him 'hot' or 'hottie'? Just asking.


After years of work in DC, with the DC Coalition of Black Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders, it's so amazing to see that my hometown, my Chocolate City, my place of birth is taking this amazingly progressive journey forward.

BRAVO TO MAYOR FENTY, for being so strong in the face of the laws of the land, which could stand up and attempt to stop him. He says I AM THIS CITY'S ELECTED MAYOR AND I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE. Brilliant!

Nate, Mayor Fenty is smart and progressive and gay-friendly and a hottie. That's not sexualizing him. That's identifying him. He's an attractive man and we say that about others and I'm glad to say it about a smart, politically astute, man of integrity. I think it would be insulting NOT to call him attractive, when we are quick to do so with singers, actors and models. He's a man and we love men. Thus, Mayor McHottie. He's a brother who's about his business and that's the sexiest attribute in the world.


Answer ... Because he's hott!

Give it a rest, mary. We say Barack Obama is handsome all the time. And the white gays have no problem declaring their love for Gavin Newsom. There is no disrespect for the man.

Mark Andrew

Wait...what? I know this wasn't your point, but can't "the white gays" call Fenty a hottie too, or "the black gays" say the same about Gavin Newsom - huh?


Preach on, Rev Kev!

Like that Mayor McHottie! lol


@ Mark Andrew:

The comparison was very relative b/c the primary focus of this blog is black gay men. Not to say there aren't many white gay men who read this blog.

The point was that Towleroad nor Queerty can call Gavin Newsom "hot" or somethimng and it's no big deal. And when Rod does the same thing with Adrian Fenty, some of the queens catch the vapors and need smelling salts.

Hope that clears things up ...


I was not sure if I was reading something in, but thanks for clarifying :) I happen to think they are both hot.


Such a handsome and intelligent man! Many need to take notes on this man, including President Obama!


I heard that Isis, you can say that again!

You ain't bad mami, you are welcome here anytime! ;)

Dr. T

Ok- so he's gay-friendly. But this guy is the worst thing that has happened to DC in years. So sad that folks can't see past his looks... but what should we expect???


Well, this is a gay blog so we are concerned about things like that politicians supporting gay rights ... when many do not, doc.

But what are your complaints?

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