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16 April 2009


Sean B

Yea. That one.

Keep 'em coming, I'll take me a big ole country man over those pretty boys ANY DAY.

Earl FF

i like this man reminds me of old skool prison trade from the 70s and 80s

even the tacky james brown and sammmy davis tattoos are kinda cute. kinda... lol


yes, my goodness and u so right Earl FF... a Sugar Daddy, a Long Boy, a Mary Jane, a Chico Stick, and don't forget A Butternut... Land a Mercy... Just a pleathera of good things to place into my mouth. Sorry, I got a lil carried away. CALGON TAKE ME AWAYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Love him, love him, love him. Love these tall and thick MEN on here, Rod. Muah!


LOL @ tboi.

Now, Calgon with Flo just might be a luxurious experience. And I know Calgon could sell a few boxes if they did a TV ad starring Flo. Unfortunately, if you think having a black woman opposite Flo is too much for a video director, then you know using Flo in a Calgon ad would be WAY outside of the box for Madison Avenue.


such beautiful people. looks like they don't have a care in the world down there on SOBE.


Thanks for this post Rod. Oh, if only more of our brothers in places of influence would speak up, and demand that our people be shown in a positive light, the industry would turn around. The worse part is how much we've come to accept the exclusion of dark skin sisters from any place considered places of beauty, be it in videos, movies, ads, TV, - where-ever!!! Again, I am moved by this post. peace.


Wow I'm lovin' flo rida more and more everyday and to find out he WANTED a black model in his video makes me love him even more. Goes to show you if an artist wants to shake things up and change the status quo; than they can. Oh and the man is Phine!!!


A few days ago i was watching Flo Rida on mtv with my housemate who isn't much of a fan and i wouldn't stop gushing about the guy. Not only is he hot(i appreciate a hot bod as much as the next guy) but with Flo Rida its more than that.There's just something about him thats so sweet. He seems like a genuinely nice guy whose really deep.I'd take him home to meet mom in a second.

btw, he came to Malaysia last year and i got to see him live - he's even hotter in person.(yea im african in malaysia..not many of us here)

lindsey moreland

i love the song sugar

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