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13 April 2009



this story is just beyond tragic. but rest in peace young carl.

Charles T

The loss of such a kind, gentle, sweet young man is devastating to this community. Who knows who he could have grown up to be, he could be the president or governor.


Bullying in our schools needs to be stopped.

I teach in public schools. We all have a responsibility to stop bullying whenever we see it, especially if the student is gay or even perceived as gay. Parents and educators, don't turn the other cheek because you're too busy, don't want to be involved, or you don't think it's severe. Empower your children to do the same. Everyone can help, no matter how small the act is. Please don't let this happen to another child. But sadly it will ...

Dalton H

Once again this is a sad case of how our society is wrong. When will the bullying stop? My heart goes out for his family and may god hold him and his family tight in his arms. I think the school should be held accountable for this tragedy. His mother reported this bullying numerous times and pretty much they turned their backs. Maybe the school system needs to put in place some kind of training for their staff to handle bullies. Im not saying this may accomplish anything but its worth a try.

Cevin Fisher

This story is just tragic and disgusting on so many levels....Hopefully this community will learn something and prevent another youngster from doing the same thing.

Jennifer Hornbuckle

This is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to his family and friends. We need to collectively stop this kind of behaviour, and raise all children to respect and love one another. We adults must show them!


This is the saddest, and most moving and maddening story I've heard in quite a long time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Are the Gay and African-American activists and groups speaking out on this?


God Bless You and your family,he's a very HANDSOME Boy,It's just to bad that it has to come to this for something to be done about the bulling


What a tragic loss. This story is so cruel and so sad. Thanks for staying on it.


sorry for you loss , he was so handsome , this story make me so mad that some students are so cruel , i hope the school take some action right away..


What a handsome young man.Prayers to the family and for the soul of this young man. Bullying should be zero tolerance.

Reggie, the gay youth groups such as GLSEN are speaking out and HRC has been all over this.


its wonderful that hundreds of mourners attended the funeral. and again condolences to the family...

but crocodile tears don't help cause the sad sad sad fact is if carl was still here he would still be getting picked on and teased by those kids,The school would still be telling ms.walker that they were doing all we can there's nothing more we can do.

i have heard it before too when i was bullied and called gay as a tween and teen

Chitown Kev

Rest in Peace, Little Bro.


I am so sorry for the pain this family is going through. My condolences. Such a handsome young man.

Byron in PGC

Ms Walker,

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your son.

I would suggest that you seriously think about suing that school and anyone else that you can think of.

This school did nothing about the bullying that your son had to endure. No child should have to go through that.

Preston B

I was the same age as him and taunted almost everyday at school. I came home crying, even hurt sometimes. The school doing nothing to help. I can feel his pain and the mother;s pain..\

It's very sad that a child needs to die, for something to be done..

Billy Frazier

What need to happen is find out who the students were that were doing the bulling and expel them from school. Then I would also sue the parents of those students doing the bullying.

I know that suing someone won't bring her son back but maybe if she were to sue and win, maybe other parents whose children are bullies will see what happens if they don't stop their children from bullying.

Then maybe use the money to set up some kind on counseling for children who are being bullied.


My prayers are with the family. RIP Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover.


I know just the way this can stop, start charging these bullies with crimes. In this case, involuntary manslaughter. Their actions caused this young man to take his life.


This is so sad. I just don't know how kids can be so cruel...


@ Byron and Billy:

I disagree. Why sue, when instead work to get laws enacted to help protect kids? Suing is not the answer to everything that goes wrong

Billy Frazier

Frederico, I disagree.

There are laws protecting children from bullying in many states, certainly in Massachusetts, but of course it is done anyway. Enacting a law doesn't mean everyone will follow the law. And since when have children stopped bullying?

I think we have to push for stronger laws AND we have to force schools AND parents to be responsible. That is where litigation comes in. Trust me, school districts across Massachusetts are watching this case. And so will many parents.


This disturbs me so much. It's sad children are so brutally mean to each other. It's seems like the bullying has gotten worse since I was in public schools -- that was only about five years ago!

R.I.P. Carl.


Homophobia sure does have some unexpected bitter fruit, doesn’t it Mister Pastor?

So long as you got your God-d*mned silver Mercedes, I guess it’s OK, huh?

W. Lotus

It bothers me that people keeping pointing out he was not gay. His sexual orientation is not the point; the fact that the bullies went unpunished and that people think sexual orientation is something to use as a torment factor is the point. You know those bullying kids learned that stuff from home.

I hope the tormentors are found out and brought to justice.

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