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06 April 2009



Despite several eyewitnesses and the statements by an accomplice, the defendant's family "doesn't believe" Dwight DeLee gunned down the young transgender woman and maintains he did "not" have extreme dislike of gay and transgender persons.

Good lord. And I am an aethiest to boot. After reading bout the criminal past of this "gentleman" I am sure this is not the first three-legged "woman" he has encountered. I bet he had "her" all in the corner and was tonguing "her" and all until someone told this girl's "secret" to him.

I would have loved to have seen the look on his face when he found out.


Unfortunately, we know the look on his face. It was the face of death.


but being a former inmate, why would he resort to killing her? you can tell that she was a man by her characteristics. That's just sad, now he'll have no choice but to deal with 3 legged persons in jail and he deserves to rott there for a long time!!


Wow. Somehow the people leaving these comments don't seem to grasp the fact that someone was killed because of ignorance. Calling the victim a "three-legged woman" seems gross and inappropriate to me. But maybe I'm too sensitive. No comments on her brother that was also shot? Does the fact that he wasn't transgender make it easier for you to be sympathetic?

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