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27 April 2009



I would like to know WHERE does the Rev. Raltliff stand on the bullying that drove two young boys to suicide?


alicia banks


3. Leviticus, Romans, and Corinthians all refer to “unnatural sex” for HETEROSEXUALS. It is NATURAL for HOMOSEXUALS to engage in homosexual sex.(Also see WHAT IS REAL SEX herein.) Yet, heterosexuals sin daily as gay prostitutes, porno film stars, lewd voyeurs, prison rapists, etc....

From The Good Book: “In Romans...Paul did not discuss gay persons but heterosexual people who performed homosexual acts. To suggest that Paul’s references to excesses of sexual indulgence, involving homosexual behavior, are indicative of a general position in opposition to same-sex eroticism, is as unfounded as arguing that his condemnation of drunkeness implies opposition to the drinking of wine. In Corinthians 1:7, Paul discusses the conjugal relations that ought to obtain between christian husbands and wives. For those whom celibacy was too high a price, he issued his famous edict that it was ‘better to marry than to burn’- not in hell. But with desire for the satisfaction of sex. Nowhere does he mention the sole purpose of such conjugality is the procreation of children.”


These pastors need to talk about something important that impacts their flock.

It was division like this that created the Southern Baptist in the 19th century. That wa sover slavery. Reformation from the Catholic Church is another good example. The bible is contradictory and can be interpreted differently. There are from 10,000 to 35,000 different faiths based on christianity.

Derrick from Philly

"...about homosexuality conflicts with natural law."

Silly old fool. Doesn't he realize that many white folks who share his religious views believe that the present occupants of the White House conflict with natural "American" & Biblical law.

There are so many more important things for black ministers to work on, but this issue is more sensational to them. Sic the IRS on their asses!

Shane Moseley

there are only a handful of black folks in iowa. it makes perfect sense the religious right is propping up the chairman of the local naacp to be their tool.

i would be very suspicious of anything coming from these historically racist evangelicals and baptists.

we may not be in chains, but many of us are still in psychological slavery.

alicia banks

most black jackleg preachers are barely functionally literate and are grossly miseducated by even more illiterat elder pastors...

they have never actually studied their bibles as scholars and openly encourage their flocks of sheeple to remain equally ignorant of what the bible actually contains...

this bigoted fool is poster boy for that arrogant and evil ilk....



These So called Black 'pastors' are the reason Two lil' innocent kids are dead now. They need to stop with this anti-gay speeches and these protests and just let it freakin be.

Ain't nobody making them wed same sex couples. they are the reason blacks are labeled homophobic they need to sit there asses down. My Black Pastor wont wed same sex couples. BUT, he talks about loving everyone no matter if there gay or not. God made everyone diffrent and I hope these pastors in the end get theres for all this hate for gods creations.


Amazing how people place faith above science. Faith doesn't have evidence but science does.

Homosexuality forms after the egg and sperm joins.

People don't choose their sexual preference.

marriage is only for procreating basically but not everyone can have kids or should just because they love each other.


This old man needs to sit down some where. How dare he talk about other nations banning gay marriage when they haven't even banned slavery or child labor yet?

many of these so called black leaders are a shame and a disgrace.

Chitown Kev

This Rev is a stone fool!


I'll have to say nothing or be banned for saying what I really think of this creature and those of his ilk who are so filled hate that I am so sick and tired of and the nonsense they spew.


>>>The op-ed was co-signed by more than 70 other clergymen, many of whom were Southern Baptist, a denomination which supported slavery for decades and refused to allow black members until only recently.

hello! and that is among the biggest contradictions with black ministers opposing gay rights and gay marriage. many of these same arguments were used against us to keep us enslaved. and still being enslaved in some parts of the world it seems.

Mel Smith

That 'pastor' is preaching the same garbage that segregationist and anti women's rights people said in the past.


It is truly a disgrace that this man has anything to do with the N.A.A.C.P.

Can you just imagine what W.E.B Dubois would say if he were to learn that the head of his organization's chapter for two states had allied himself with the spiritual and moral descendents of those who established Jim Crow?

A man such as this one is incapable of being shamed by anything, but he can be held up for ridicule and driven from any position of respect in society.

alicia banks

the two favorite arguments against homos are fortunately also the weakest because:

the bible says nothing about gays


homosexuailty is natural in ALL species

i just added a new post on the nature of homos:




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