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21 April 2009



Good lord please let this not be true


That's the most disturbing thing I've ever heard in my entire life.


This is why America should not be exporting its current brand of 'democracy' anywhere on this earth when the right wing zealots were in charge, this is just too scary.



Derrick from Philly

I'm having trouble believing the details of the torture. We are very quick to believe the most heinous things about races, ethnic groups, religious factions that we don't like. BUT, there is history of sadistic killing of gay people in Iraq, so...I don't know.

Of course, many Americans found it difficult to believe that a lynch mob could tie a black woman to a tree and cut her abdomen so that her unborn baby fell out. Then, she bled to death. That happened outside of Valdosta Georgia, committed by Americans about 80 years ago.

So, any kind of savage brutality is possible by any race, ethnic group, religious zealots who've become savages.


I'm with Talarico. That's one of the most horrible and disturbing human cruelties that I've heard about -- at least in modern times.

alicia banks


it is like bob marley sang:
"...so much trouble in the world!"

i hope black american preachers/donnie m/clifton davis/
and their ilk do not read this...and take detailed notes...


Shane Moseley

alicia i was just about to say the same thing.

i am so sure the religious right is taking copious notes.

Sean Beasley

As disturbed as I am with the details of this torture technique, I'm almost as disturbed at the idea of Iraqis willingly watching videos of this on their cell phones. Who would get their jollies from something like this?

I know, I know -- best not to ask...

alicia banks

amen shane:

i have been out and activist and visible in RUBY red states since 1986...

this is why i do not play any nice games with any gaybashers anywhere at anytime...

my homohating hypochristian enemies have taught me superbly well...

i know just how rabid and real their hatreds are...and all the evil that their hatred does...globally



This story is making James Dobson's mouth water.

Lincoln Mall

Why isn't this on MSM? Is it because the American public would be outraged? I find it depressing that only people with internet access can get this information. And just think how many Americans rely on Faux News and CNN(Faux News Lite) for their information. Disturbing.

These types of horrific crimes against LGBTs around the world rarely if ever are reported on the tv news.


Unfortunately, Lincoln, only some would be outraged. Others like Miss California and the people in her country may try to adopt the practice here in the states.

Dwyane Wayne

So, this is the freedom that we've brought to Iraq?



Oh my Lord. This is awful.

Rush Limbaugh must love it.


Yup this just proves it. I am willing to die to be who I am and live my life un-apologetically myself. These people want us to run back into the closet, to be DL men of any race, to suppress our lifestyle and I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT NEVER!

Ralph Davis

This is one of the most disturbing and shocking things I have read about in quite a while. WTF is wrong with people?

Joey P

This is just sick...

...I'm sure we have lots of conservatives who will approve of this and actually think it's funny...sick fcuks.

D. Askew

For those still trotting out America's "success", "liberation", "newfound freedom" and "removal of a tyrant" in Iraq, please understand that you've sent this great nation and the people of Iraq into purgatory.

Liberty and freedom are very dangerous concepts when placed in the hands of republicans.

M. Mark

Props to Alicia Banks and Derrick.

The same sentiment exists here. If the (extreme) Right ever manages to establish it's theocratic paradise, this would be our reality too.


Iraq is only following the Bush/Cheney policy. Look how hate flows here in the US. Remember the interviews with all those Christian rights groups teaching in Iraq about how bad being gay is. Reading some of Bush memos and the stuff they did I would say the Iraq soldiers learned well. No need for the US to cry Democracy, Freedom or Human Rights at this point as we kidnap and torture children. Iraq only needs to read the headlines of the American News to hear the horror we do to gays in America. It's that mirror we choose not to look in.


Iraq isn't the only one who are this brutal to gays in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia only torture the bottom in a gay relationship.

In Los Angeles that would wipe out the entire WEHO community!

alicia banks


sodomy and anal torture by macho het police is a global epidimic...

homoerotic/DL sadism

see egyptian clones of this iraqui sadists here (***warning: graphic***):


and in africa they are legally raping lesbians and the het children of lesbians!!!


gaybashers and homohaters are rabid worldwide!!!!!!!

may god help us all,

alicia banks


the "corrective rapes" link is old.

here is a better one:




I can't believe such sick, sadistic people exist. How could anyone do that to another person? Even if you're crazy and think that gays are "less than human" I cannot even fathom a person being able to do that to an animal.

After the torture memos and now this, I'm beginning to think that there is something terribly wrong with human race as a whole. If there is a God, maybe it's time for another flood. Just wipe us all out and start over again!

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