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16 April 2009



Chile, I am a size queen if there ever was one and I will say, "NO!"

Adrian Peterson is PERFECTION.


As a Vikings fan he could use some more weight as it would help him to take the punishment that he endures every season. AD is prone to injury and the additional weight could help keep him healthy if it makes him more duarable. But it needs to be done properly and it cannot have a negative effect on his speed, explosiveness, or ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.

And can you believe that Madden retired today? This is a loss for the NFL (and he better not retire from his game because I ned my Madden '10 late this summer!).


I agree with FQ! This man is PERFECTION. This is the boost I needed.


I wouldn't kick him out of bed, either way.

Derrick from Philly

I love it! KEVJACK is thinking about the game and improving his favorite team, and we're thinking about Peterson's magnificent dark brown sugar body. Lord, aint we a mess.

I love it!


He's a football player. Apparently, he thinks he needs to get bigger in order to be a better football player. He's the leading rusher in football. Most of his game involves him getting handed the ball and running with it through a line of defenders, as opposed to running down the field and catching a pass from the quarterback. Have you seen the size of many of these defenders? He's not building his body just to look good, he's maintaining his bulk because it makes him a more effective football player.


bigger is only better when it comes to bank accounts. that dude is fine.


When I first saw his picture, I said, "Damn!" That says something.

He looks FOINE to me.


Adrian is PHYNE to me...but if, as KevJack says it will help him not get as bruised and injured during the season, I say go-head. Just post those gym sessions on line!:)

(Football without Madden? Seems almost impossible...)

James M

Dayum!! He is fyne as hell. Thank You Rod for this.


He will be just as beautiful with another 10 or 15 pounds of muscle. Trust.

The added bonus is that he will really dominate the linebackers out there, and that can only mean more yards and TDs for the Vikes this year. The NFC crown will be ours (once we get a better QB, defense, and receiving corps, but those are minor details).

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