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17 April 2009



He is so gorgeous to me!


Men's Fitness has put a god on the cover! I'm going to find the magazine today. I LOVE KG!!


He's a bully on the court, but Kevin is a giant chocolately man with a cute smile. Too bad about his injury. Screw the Celtics anyway.
Of all the NBA dudes they could have featured...he's got no muscle tone (unlike big man Dwight Howard).
Rod, you know I'm still caught up on Boris Diaw - why can't HE break through and get on somebody's cover?

Derrick from Philly

Yeah, the arms are great, but the waistline is beyond great!

Oh, and I'm sure he has inner beauty also....may I see his feet, please.

Strictly Business

This man is so sexy. whoa


Love that tall, chocolate man!!!

Thanks Rod!

Chitown Kev

Derrick, STOP!

I wanna do more than just see his feet.

But yeah, KG is one fine brotha. I wanted the Celtics to win it all lat year just so he could get his ring. And you know for a brotha from Detroit (of all places) to cheer for the Celtics...


I feel as if I've watched my darlin' grow up. KG is pure goodness.


Unfortunately for the Celtics, he might not play in the playoffs due to his knee injury not healing well. Coach Rivers of the Celtics said that Kevin won't play in the first round, and he doesn't sound optimistic about his prospects afterward.


Umm, Ravenback, no offense but did you read the post... ?

"But unfortunately there is a "strong possibility" he will miss the entire postseason. Garnett injured his right knee in February. Last night Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers said Garnett is "not ready" to start and could miss the entire playoffs"

Seems to me someone just looked at pics and didn't read. Or assumed it wasn't in the post...


back off derrick from philly.. we've had this talk before. those size 17 feet belong hanging off the side of my bed or on my ceiling or wall....lol

James M

Oh I Love me some talk dark chocolate and this stud is hittin the spot!


Ya'll know he got a non-black wife, he went oriental style as they more often do, can't support this clown, sorry.


choc-o-lot, yummy man!


KG is hot. AzzedineAliaFan, why is KG a clown cuz his wife isn't black??


I agree with Seahawk, they should have put dwight howard on the cover. KG is tone but doesn't have much muscle. Howard on the otherhand is freakin huge. His shoulders are cut like stone. Wouldn't want to fight him for a rebound that's for sure. Great post!

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