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09 April 2009



Louis Smith is GORGEOUS!
Good lawd this man is so accomplished and talented and phine. Go Louis!

Pieter in Jo'burg

It will be very exciting to watch Louis Smith at the 2012 Olympic games which will be right there in London. I would not be surprised if he wins gold for pommel horse and gold for all around.

George P

Louis, you have a fan club here in America,, Congratulations and keep pushing for the gold. We know you will have it soon! ;)


Just a beautiful dude. damn!

Tony DR

Dear Louis Smith...

Congratulations on silver medal.
You are a very skilled gymnast and very sexy.

Good luck and get the gold!


Louis Smith's mom must be very proud of her son. :)


Louis Smith is flawless. We believe in you Loopy Lou ;)


Which events does Louis Smith compete? Does he only do the pommel horse?


ID, you have to read the articles before you post! He specializes in Pommel Horse, but he competes in all the events!

Travis D

Oh and he sings too? Ah. Be still my beating heart ....

Tye in London

This is Tye in London. I love this blog and am always happy to see the great ups given to our mate, Louis Smith. We are very proud of him and fully expect he will take the gold in London 2012.

Oh and isn't he fit? It's wonderful.


Louis, you are STUNNING!
If you ever need a bodyguard at these events, please let me know ...


Thank you for introducing us to him.


Mama likes! Mama likes!

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