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29 April 2009





priceless indeed

oh and i was hoping you would have this story. the queerty and towleroad queens are having a race riot.



Zzzz. There is always a race riot at Queerty and Towleroad. I saw this same story at both blogs, neither one said used to support marriage bill or Fenty would sign it. i'd like to see them get so upset about HIV rates among black people in the DC or lack of federal funding.


This is why the black church, all churches but especially the black church, is friggin' hypocritical. Standing right in front of them is a man who smoked crack in the mayors office, went to jail for not paying their taxes and has been married many times and had crack mistresses.

But Barry is a MORAL leader and we are IMMORAL.



Two points, what's up with that silly hat? And, is he still clean and sober, becacuse his comments really are delusional at best.

Two words that don't go togather, Marion and moral.

@Harper, those posters on those sites really need to meet some real black people, the few times I have read them, the race stuff makes me cringe and are moe scary than a rally in the woods at night of people who are singing Dixie.


There are a lot of black gay people in Washington, D.C.

I wonder if ANY of them will stand up and say (or do) something about this?

alicia banks

if marion barry is a "moral leader" than hugh hefner is a celibate monk!

even dried up old black crackheads
take gaybashing to cosmic levels...

thanks rod

this gave me the best guffaw i have had all week


what do you expect from a crackhead?

Danny Rivera

Oh this is quite rich. The man who was smoking crack and with a hooker on FBI video wants to tell me how I should live my life?

No thank you! No ma'am!

The District Mother

Marian Barry is a mess...

WJLA hhad coverage of this....They had some good interviews with black folks who said Jackson and Barry didn't speak for all black people. One older black woman said these black ministers "of all people" should know the Bible was used to
keep us in slavery.

I'm just sayin...


After all of the work we've done to create an atmosphere of civility and tolerance within DC's African American churches...and at least an ongoing, pleasant dialogue with those that remain unaccepting...we have to deal with a young, ambitious upstart from across the border. We may have to treat him as we did Marion, all those years ago. After exposing the lunches at the Brass Rail, outing his son and hinting at his ex-wife's relationship with a couple of prominent women who were members of DC's Black elite, Barry seemed to calm down and extend the hand of friendship. We're still not sure about the 'relationship' Marion had with the young, male high school student who either borrowed, or stole, his car keys (depending on his audience) from his office at the District Building to make a drug run. Hmm...I wonder if 'Bishop' Jackson was one of the young men who used to hang around Bishop Stallings' house in the late eighties... How much do you want to bet that he has a faceless profile on Adam4adam?

S. Flemming

He's an ignorant bastard ... I'll never understand why so many blacks in this city are loyal to him.

alicia banks

i just linked u rod


i am seething with rage and could not wait to do so!


The District Mother

Oh yes, let us not forget that incident about the car keys or his "administrative assistant."

Nathan James

Marion Barry is a TRIP. Got arrested, was tried, convicted, served time (!) came back to DC and got elected Mayor AGAIN...In NYC, the Jewish community has a word for that..."chutzpah!"

Now he wants to take what he believes is the "moral high ground" on gay marriage?! Mayor Barry needs to put the pipe down, because surely he has suffered a relapse...


S Flemming... I wonder the same thing.

I've never lived in DC, but someone tell me, did he support gays while he was president?

Why would we expect the older generation (baby-boomers) to support the generation after them??? They were raised to hate gays!

I agree with the rest of you... a crackhead with morals? yeah right

Topanga Canyon

Black homophobia rears its ugly head again, just like we saw here in California Prop 8.

Do most blacks want gay marriage?
Better yet, do most black gays want gay marriage?

No and no, it seems. Tsk tsk


CORRECTION: I meant mayor.


topanga, you are a racist. you only make comments when you can take a swipe at blacks or black gays and when you can get both, i'm sure you think it's a good day.

why don't you head on over to the abbey or the mother load and have a ajax cocktail on me.


@ Miss Topanga:

REALLY? Are we REALLY going down this road again?

Marion Barry and Harry Jackson are not representative of all black people, just like that horrible couple in Iowa who wrote that newspaper column do not represent all white people.

But you have your own all American blonde and blue pretty white girl bigot in Miss California. And trust, she is speaking for very many WHITE people in your state who voted for Prop 8.

Clean up your own house first. The come here and tell us how to clean up ours.


Perhaps someone should have offered him a year's supply of crack.

Baltimore Femme


Marion Barry extremly supportive of gay community (and black gay community) in the 80s and 90s. One of the nation's best mayors on gay rights at the time....that is why this is such surprise.

Oh and Topanga Canyon...Long time no see girlfriend. Still riled up about Prop 8? Perhaps you should talk to Carrie Prejean and her San Diego sorority sisters who beleive in "opposite marriage"

Dave in Houston

i want to kn ow how or why does harry jackson call himself a BISHOP?

bishop implies a denomination and i don't think harry jackson is the head of an entire denomination

so self important and egotistical


Tell it Freelo, those West Hollywood/Castro gays and their issues on race are the last ones to be calling out anyone when they hate black gays as much as they do black straights and more than the typical white straight. And, oddly they will trot up in here going off on that trifing Marion Barry and give white politicians who spew the same nonsense and hate a pass.


Freeleo and Thurmond, yall work it out and preach! Preach!

It always the Chelsea/Castro/WeHo/Towleroad queens who want to attack any and every black politician or preacher as speaking for all our people. They surely do not just like George W and Jeerry Falwell didnt speak for all whites.

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