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27 April 2009



Meh. A little too perfect for me.


That was just toooo nice for a Monday noontime eyecandy snack.


Thank you, Rod! Thanks for all that you do. This is just what I need to make it through the rest of the work day.


Nice asset...dude has been on the cover of black inches mag 3 or 4 times! It's nice to see him in motion, even if its just from the rear.


I'll take perfect!This man is stunning!

But I don't think he is "Patrick" from Black Inches...or is he?

Either way, I'm happy!


Even I had to stop to look at this one. Sure beats looking at an overpriced magazine until the clerk asks "are you going to buy it", doesn't it?

Thank you so much YouTube.com

Greg G

Tre, I am beginning to think you are straight, lol. You find fault with every man, model, athlete on this friggin' blog. You need to email Rod and send him some photos of what you like and stop complaining, lol

I'll take this one, yessir. He looks like he knows just what to do. If he isn't too busy loving himself in the mirror, haha


found this clip last week and sent it around to friends. everyone i sent it to looked at it at least 20 times.


for those of you working on your "summer bodies" this is what it should look like when you are done.


I just like normal looking guys, you know like guys you would see on the street or next door. I don't need all these jacked and worked out MFers.

Danny Rivera

--->I just like normal looking guys, you know like guys you would see on the street or next door.

So that means every day, you must see plenty of men that you like? 'Cuz the streets and neighborhoods have plenty of 'regular' brothaz, so you mjust be very happy then.

And for what it's worth, this man is gorgeous but you do see guys like this 'on the street' in the big cities.


Baby I love it!
More please!


FREELEO says: "for those of you working on your "summer bodies" this is what it should look like when you are done."

If that's the case, FREELEO, I'm afraid there will be a few of us wearing parkas and longjohns at the beach.


LOL.. oh come on jim. you have 2 whole months before pride in new york city. 6 small meals a day and some cardio and you'll be good to go. YOU CAN DO IT!

S. Flemming

I'm with Tre ... I like a nice regular brother. The pin-ups don't do much for me either. He's beautiful though ...


i always find the, "regular brother" remark interesting. i've seen a lot of brothers all over the place, regular brothers, on the ball court, in the gym, at the beach, that look just like this. this dude is a regular, slim, brother who just happens to take care of himself and work out. hell, i work in an environment where this body type is pretty much the norm so maybe i'm just use to seeing it.

Danny Rivera

I said this other day...
This man is hot but he doesn't look unobtainable or extraordinary. It's not like you don't see men like this at Bally's or NYSC.. Or working at the Kinkos.

To each his own.No offense, but I always wonder about gay men (or women) who always say they like just "regular". There is a whole world of "regular" and "normal" men. That to me suggests you have a boyfriend or husband right?

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