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01 April 2009


Jason O

Rod, this is just beautiful. I saw just a part of this late last night and was sooo moved. I remember THANKFUL was one of my mother's favorite LPs.. This woman is so fabuolous and I wish her the best!


I almost feel like a kid when I watch this story. So much of who I am was birthed out hearing this brilliant woman and her masterful gifts as a singer and a spiritual person.

She shaped me. She introduced me to the idea that Black folks could go to college. She broadened my language (INSEPARABLE, the album and the word, changed my life forever). She quoted singers and history and talked about places I never knew existed but soon wanted to travel to and music I longed to hear. Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and of course, Nat King Cole became a part of my 11 year old and teenage years because she opened me up to them.

Now, to be able to call her friend, even as I continue to marvel in her as an artist and a woman, is just a gift from God.

I say this without pause or pretense, if I match, it's her. As she prepares to turn 60 in 2010, I want Natalie Cole to live a long and fruitful life beyond the now. If it is God's will, there will be a perfect match found for her and she will be better than ever.



I'm a huge fan of Natalie Cole's. The Hep C news was sad and this kidney news even worse, but it shows Natalie's CLASS. She is taking this in stride.

And this too shall pass.

S. Flemming

I watched this while I was getting dressed today ... I was really surprised by her resolve. She is amazing. But then again, she's always been very strong about things. I think she will be fine. I was very moved by the whole episode.

@ Kev ... did you write her discography notes in her book? I seem to recall the name I saw in there being Kevin as well. Just curious.


S. Flemming...


That's me. I bought 20 copies of that book and passed them out to friends.

S. Flemming

@ Kevin

I thought that was you, lol. That is awesome. I'm so jealous! You know I let my granny use that book and i never got it back. Who knows where it ended up. I need to get another copy. I remember your pic in there with her. I read that in like two days. I admired her candor. I hope that she finds a match soon.

@ Jason O

Thankful is my favorite too. It's on my Ipod now as a matter of fact.

Dalton H

RevKev, I am such a fan of your work and writing. I also love Natalie Cole (obviously not as much as you) and am so touched by your testimony! This woman is incredible! She deserves 200% of our respect and kindness, please let's help find a match for this incredible sister!

Rev Kev .. I was so floored to see your name on Parallel Paths on BETJ. I said that is Rev Kev from Rod 2.0! And to now read your wrote her discography ...

Y'all brothas on R20 ain't no joke!



Thanks for watching PARALLEL PATHS; some great shows coming up, including NIK PACE and MIGUEL PERDOMO talking about modeling from male/female perspectives; MICHAEL K. WILLIAMS (Omar from The Wire) and GANO GRILLS talk about acting and being the thug in Hollywood and other icons like Terrie Williams (Public Relations) and Ntozake Shange (Poetry/Performance Theater) will be on future episodes.


I love this site because Rod is such a real brother, with a great heart and every time he reaches out to me, I'm appreciative. He's among my closest/dearest friends AND WE STILL HAVEN'T MET!

Former COGIC

I'm a huge Natalie fan and was floored to see my idol on Larry King sharing this tragedy. I missed part of the show and knew it would be here!

What a remarkable woman! She has so much RESOLVE and DETERMINATION and is handling this with GRACE, CLASS and HUMILITY.

Thank you Natalie for giving me so many great moments with ANNIE MAE and PARTY LIGHTS. You are truly UNFORGETTABLE! I pray and hope you will find the kidney you need! It shall be done!

Davis Simpson

I love Natalie Cole, she is incredible. And I am confident she will prevail, the Lord doesn't give you more than you can handle, right Rev Kev?

And I also love this blog. We get everything from Bowmarion sex tapes to gay rights to Natalie on Larry King. The screen caps are crystal clear and I know it takes time to find these videos every day. Bless you Rod, bless you Rev Kev for supporting Natalie and bless you Natalie Cole! I wish I could help but I have my own health issues. I will be happy when we can dance and celebrate Natalie's new albums, new kidneys and new lease on life!


I hope she gets her kidney...

T.S. Giovanni

i have a problem with that, i have serious problem with a person being rewarded when their kidney failure led to their own meditated drug use. i have problem with all the people on a long wait list for kidneys due to birth defects or what have you but this woman can get awarded with one just because she is a star.


@ TS:

That is an awful thing to say. No one is AWARDING Natalie Cole a kidney. She says (and is quoted above) that she is on a long list. The only way she is off the list is if someone DONATES a kidney.

Natalie Cole is not being treated any different, she is not BUYING a kidney in India and she has paid for her own mistakes. She used drugs 25 or 30 years ago. So what? Are you saying people do not deserve second chances? Or that gay men who have unsafe sex and become HIV poz DESERVE AIDS or DO NOT DESERVE RETROVIRAL MEDS?

There are many gay men who get Hep C from unsafe sex ... do they DESERVE NEW KIDNEYS?

How dare you come here and become so pious and judgmental.



Carlos - BRAVO!

This isn't about preferential treatment because her celebrity in no way insures a match (her own son and sister are not matches) so how is she being treated differently.

Many people who love her as a person and an artist have offered to be tested. That doesn't make any of them matches, but what you witnessed was love, T.S.

Let's hope that people would reach out to help any of us, especially people whose lives you might have personally impacted, if you were a part of their lives.

If this was about her getting rewarded, wouldn't she have the kidney already? She doesn't because she has to wait for the right match.

We gathered here because Rod cared enough to write up the stories and many of his readers care enough to stop by to say a prayer. Now, if you have a problem with people praying for people, then I'll be praying for you.


NC is a very nice lady and great vocalist. I was upset when learning of her diagnosis, and I'm glad her appearance help bring out more possible donors. Hopefully it'll work out. Viva la Cole!-QH

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Natalie's Kidney failure was NOT caused by her drug use. Her Hep C was. The medication they used (interferon?sp) caused the kidney failure. Her celebrity will indeed broaden the recruitment for a kidney but it is not unfair.


TS sounds like one of those trolls who come on to Huffington Post and make snarky and hateful comments just to get a rise out of people. I pray that he's just pushing buttons because only a cold-hearted human being can harbor such ill feelings towards someone they don't know. Life is too short to hate. I always commend people who manage to turn their lives around and flourish, and she is one such person. I wish her all the best and hope she can get that kidney as soon as possible.


Miss Cole's story is truly inspirational. I wish her the best, she has given joy to so many people and deserves some joy in her life.

Nathan James

I have always been a BIG fan of Natalie Cole. I remember her doing "Unforgettable" to a packed house back in the Eighties. It's sad to hear that she is suffering this way. Ms. Cole has left her indelible imprint on music, and I hope she receives a kidney and goes on to enthrall us with her silken voice for years to come!

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