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29 April 2009



Though I do appreciate the extra vote he "could" provide Obama I am sure what this message is saying to his fellow republicans amounts to "look man, I need a job and was getting my old but kicked in all the polls. What would you guys have done if it were you."

He ain't changed his stripes. They are still there.


>>> I need a job and was getting my old but kicked in all the polls. What would you guys have done if it were you.

But let's be honest...he switched only so he can get re-elected.

Politicians are politicians, in the end they always look out for themselves.


No surprises here. Why was his "transition" even treated as shocking news by the media? Stevie Wonder could see through that b.s.


It is sad to watching a 30 year career of an elder statesmen end with a shady deal to switch parties in a vain attempt to win one more election. Sen Spector could have annointed his successor and spent the remainder of his term serving the Nation; he chose serving himself and potentially hands the President complet, unnopposed, and therefore corruptible, power to enact his plans, in 2 branches of government. Not even GWB had that. He could have prevented that and been that lone voice standing against the storm.

Believe me, it's all honeymoon now, but at some point President Obama and some of his people will slip, or carry their agenda too far. I know, I voted for the President. Now, there is only one legal case away from having one party have total control of the US Congress and the White House. Even the House Republicans in 1994 had to deal with President Clinton and vice versa.

Specter is a 79 year old cancer survivor that should let slip his weakening grasp on power and enjoy his sage years.

Derrick from Philly

Whether my President and the Democratic "power structure" likes it or not, we may have a challenge to this old....man in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

maybe the American People voted for 4 years of one party rule. I voted for it.

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