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10 April 2009


Pharrell Luvr

Pharrell Williams is so freakin' talented it's ridiculous. Eco friendly fabric? From recycled plastic bottles? EAT IT BYTCHES!

Face and Waist

Rod, just a personal note. Thanks for trans news and thanks much for covering the murder of that poor young black trans girl in Syracuse. It's appreciated, trust.


i discovrd darian's blog thru rod 2.0 and i like it. he talks about black gay youth and i can identify with that. thanks for the you tube and links


Not really a Skateboard P fan but I will give the man his props. He does have some skillz.


I encourage everyone to vote at AfterElton's Hot 100 for those of us who appreciate diversity. That thing they claimed was a list last year should've been titled the Hot 100 white list with a sprinkling of flava. They threw men of color a few bones last year, but not many.

I agree with what you are saying. But no profanity in comments, thanks. -RM

Craig T

Anyone reading this blog appreciates diversity and I'm sure the reason why Rod posted it is so there is some color in the nominations.

Let's just make our nominations and encourage others to do the same, as opposed to whining about last year or the year before.


Rod are you doing another list for After Elton this year? I hope so, you always represent for the brothas when you write for them or are interviewed by them.

I nominate Kellen Winslow!


I'll second that nomination and add Braylon Edwards!


Can I vote for Omarion in the Top 25 Out Gay Men?

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