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14 April 2009



Valentino: The Last Emperor is an enjoyable film. Valentino has style, class, and a life partner for 45 years. It's an interesting look at the man and one of the last great fashion houses. What a truly grand life.

D. Askew

Count me as one of those interested in seeing this Valentino documentary. I love his designs from the 1970s. Classic.

D. Askew

Oh and Rod, I mentioned this before but I love these news updates. Glad you are doing them again. Not sure how you always get the white background for photos but it is killer.

Sean B


That is his name!

Love watching him in Christopher Street. Very sexy guy. The dialogue is bad and his acting is so-so, but he is a joy to watch.


Why was I praying that the makeup artist to create the first lady's signature look was going to be a black sgl brother? Sam Fine, makeup artist extraordinaire; did you even submit your resume? lol


I noticed that too about the makeup artist when I checked the link. I guess if he were a black gay that would hopefully be a full post, no?


Why was Portland chosen to be the first location for a black PFLAG? Which I think is a great idea btw...

I would just think there would be more black gay men in LA, DC, ATL, NYC etc...


I definitely want to see the Valentino Documentary, because I don't really know much about him. I guess it will be nice to see Andre, but I'm still mad at him for the way he dressed Jennifer Hudson for the Academy Awards! I guess its time for me to move on, LOL!



Some of the enlightened black leaders in Portland decided that they wanted a PFLAG chapter that dealt specifically with the needs of sgl youth of color.

I think the better question would be; are there any parents of black sgl youth who love their children enough to form such chapters in those cities with much larger sgl populations of color?


Jennifer Hudson is actually with ALT in Rome at this particular fashion show and appears in the movie. Just don't blink.

J. Hud did catch a raw fashion deal at the Academy Awards. Vogue and their staff don't really do women with curves but I think he really liked J. Hud. ALT didn't really no what to do with a woman who isn't a stick.


"Vogue and their staff don't really do women with curves."

Well, that is an understatement. That is the problem with the fashion industry in general. the overwhelming majority of American women are curved or plus and the fashion industry styles and caters to stick models. But I would go farther. Talley and Vogue are clueless about styling for black women unless they look like Thandie Newton.

For the record I am so-so about Talley. He really made a name for himself as a Vreeland hanger on and is pretty much in the shadow of Wintour, who is not that creative as an editor.

It's really very sad that despite Talley at Vogue, their record with black models, cover models etc is abysmal. But if you have seen him out in NYC, he is famous for pawing all over white go-go boys or model model types.

Rod Mc


PFLAG explains the black Portland as a "pilot" or beta program. Portland is just large enough to have an active gay community, but small enough to be personal. Also, some black gays and parents wanted to create the chapter.

My impression is that since there are so few blacks in Portland, there were feelings of isolation. If it's successful the program could migrate to other markets. FWIW, there are so many blacks gay men and lesbians in ATL, DC, etc they and their families probably don't feel isolated. -RM

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