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22 April 2009



Thanks for the Michael Lucas update, but for real? Zzzzz. Now try being a black male couple trying to get BACK in the US from Canada and getting hasseled by American Customs agents 3 times in a row. See how you like that!


Oh that Michael Lucas is sooo funny. He thinks the whole world revolves around him.

Poor Mikey, questioned by border agents and had his porn inspected! Awwww pooor baby ...


baby that kelly rowland track is HOT


I love Lucas' sense of humor... funny. An immigrant from Russia and he came and built an empire... and we all cant stop talking about him. Thats the American Dream.
Dereck: You're brand new to this blog. Use one screen name only, thanks. -RM


I sense he is just kidding and be facetious but that's awful he had to go through that – thank god he held out and made it through. I went out and saw him that night and he was amazing…very nice and very sexy.

Anthony in Nashville

Why is there an ad for Ann Coulter on this page? Strange.


That Kelly Rowland track is solid. Even without the dance backing, that is a rocking tune. I would actually prefer a more driving and less embellished base beat throb, but the lyrics just soar.

It is definitely the highlight of my day.


@ Dereck:

"We" definitely CAN stop talking about that self aggrandizing wh*re ...

Like most of his readers, Rod is definitely no fan of Michael Lucas and he has only been mentioned on this blog once or twice before. And it's never in a charitable way.

Queerty and Towleroad this is not, my love. We cover black an Latino gay men here, not racist gay porn producers.

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