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15 April 2009


Keith C

Here we go again.

Derrick from Philly

I honestly don't know whether there's been an increase in the killing of gay & trans people, or whether it's just being reported more. I don't know--the "night life" has always been dangerous. When we're young we take chances.

The taking of a life and a waste of talent.



another cc to mike huckabee to prove that gays are lynched daily in america...



Can someone tell me why is it that Black/Latino Tran- woman are always involved in prostitution?


"Can someone tell me why is it that Black/Latino Tran- woman are always involved in prostitution?"

Many transwomen are in prostitution because there are astronomically high rates of discrimination in job hiring. Believe me, many/most would NOT be engaging in prostitution if they did not HAVE TO. This is why it is imperative that the ENDA be passed so that discrimination against ALL trans persons in hiring/housing/etc be illegal.


My condolences to her family but not for nothing if sex is the only way to support yourself then don't do it on the streets in a crime-infested neighborhood.

No more "Anonymous" as screen name. Use the other name you've used and let's keep it cute. -RM


I wish people were more sensitive toward the plight of transgender women. It is VERY hard for them to survive in our society, especially the girls who are not considered "real."

May she rest in peace.

Baltimore Femme

This story is so awful. And it keeps happening! The streets are dangerous but for some they feel they have no choice.

And thank you LaurynX. Mike, if you spent any time at this blog, you would know about the horrible discrimination faced by "T" sistahs at work and in society. AND in our own black LGBT community. We need more self respect, but mostly we need more options and legal protection, we have them in very few states that is why we need a trans inclusive ENDA. As well as more awareness.

Oh and Mr or Miss Anonymous, if you're going to try to go there, be a man or woman and put your name on it.

Baltimore Femme

One more thing.
I came to this site about a year ago to look up news on some I knew that had been killed. And I have stayed since. Rod, my thanks for reporting and bringing awareness to this story and other transgenders stories. I've been catching up reading the "Transgender" category for past hour....

As someone said in another post, you don't always go for celebrity and stories to get hits.And you never get enough props for keeping the "T" in black LGBT news. Oh and you do not allow peeps to disrespect. My man!

S. Flemming

@ Derrick ... I had the same thought. I think we are just living in an age where we are learning about it. I cringe thinking about how many more we DON'T hear about. It's scary.

Andy Niable

Thank you, Rod, for giving voice to a story so many others are ignoring.

Regardless of how anyone feels about someone's "choice" for profession, nobody deserves to be killed for it. Nobody.

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