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16 April 2009


Nathan James

OK. Everyone who reads this blog and feels as I do that Sen. Diaz' rabid homophobia has gone way too far, please call his office at (718) 991-3161 and let him know we're here, we VOTE, and we are not going away.

I am still amazed that such bigotry can be flagrantly displayed by a public official. Sen. Diaz seems unconcerned that he might ever have to pay the consequences for his words and actions. Call him up, do it by the thousands, and let him and the people of New York City and State know that there is no place for his hate in American political life.


Why should the Dems be held hostage by some bigots within their midst, like Mr Diaz. Is he a minister first, or an Assemblyman? He can’t seem to decide. He is a full-time bigot, and should be called out for it.

Why do the Dems even have this problem? The GOP has succeeded because the party line is quite clear–and people choose to censor their own views instead of demanding change in the party. (This includes Dick Cheney.) That takes discipline, which Dems DO NOT have, which leaves Dems also open to being “nicer” to gays only by default.


G. asked: "Why do the Dems even have this problem?"

Because most of them don't really hold any values? If you really hold a value, don't you fight for it?


The argument against same-sex marriage is based on the word of a particular god that much of the country, state, world does not believe to be true. This is a religious argument and has no place in state decisions. The state needs to decide on a matter of civil rights. The argument for legal civil unions only makes that distinction more clear. If the rights are truly equal, they would have the same name.

Mad Professah

Someone needs to tell Sr. Diaz to STFU!


Diaz is a tool.

It is thown in our face about government should not be involved in religion, so shall it be that religion should not be involved in government. I am a human first and the religion I chose to follow second. My human rights are not dictated by any religion.

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