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02 April 2009



there is something about this man that i don't like. he's a bit too matter of fact for me. i still have my suspicions as to why his son committed suicide, but i ain't sayin...


Ah yea, good point about his son.
I would not be surprised if his son was closeted or gay and pressured by the family. So very sad ...


"There are many apologists for Dungy's anti-gay views—and unfortunately many are in the black and black gay communities."

How true. It's the whole up with the race, "Ebony Magazine" "NAACP Image" culture our community. Once someone does well and is a "credit to the race" we tend to ignore anything negative and see the "good" they have done.

Black gays do this too about black folks who are anti-gay. You see who quickly many pf us will defend homophobic black pastors and sports heroes. Tsk tsk ...

S. Flemming

Raheem said: "How true. It's the whole up with the race, "Ebony Magazine" "NAACP Image" culture our community. Once someone does well and is a "credit to the race" we tend to ignore anything negative and see the "good" they have done."

So true ... and I say screw that, right is right and wrong is wrong. I admire what he's achieved but that does not mean he should get a pass on his ideology. I've gotten many an evil look from black folks for voicing my disdain for some beloved black icons and i don't care.

And I also wonder what the deal was with his son's suicide. They kept that very quiet ... but on the other hand that is understandable because that kind of tragedy is very personal.

But hey, it is what it is. I'm not happy about his presence but I won't turn on Obama either.

alicia banks

i loathe obama and tony and all of their gaybashing blackish/ urine colored ilk...

to hell with the entire lot...

they are friends to NO ONE except the same ilk that has led us into global mires since 2000...

their afro-masked continuation of king shrub's ENTIRE global agenda (including destroying ALL gays) has just begun!!!!



@ Freeleo

I'm glad that I'm not the only one you have those same suspicions.

I am a staunch supporter of President Obama, but he should have disbanded this faith-based advisory council. I am a very strong believer in the separation of church and state. But I have a somewhat cynical attitude about religion and its impact on the governance of society. I feel that religion often times holds society back from evolving and accepting new ideas and ways of thinking. That's my prejudice.

Derrick from Philly

Politics. Re-election 2012. No ferocious upswing in anti-Obama evangelical vote.

alicia banks


u rock!

thanks for always being the first and the fiercest on all the hard news!....

i just linked this to my blog..

much respect and love!

alicia banks


i just added a ps about his son
who set my gaydar way off here:



I'm also a big supporter of Obama. But it troubles me that one after the other, there is some anti-gay person or group getting access to the administration. First it was Donnie McClurkin, then Rick Warren, and now Dungy. Recently a group of Conservative Evangelical groups also had a meeting with Obama's Faith Base people. When pressed about why the administration is siding up with these conservative, the answer is always that Obama wants to be inclusive. If so, why aren't there any gay-affirming churches in the mix?

I'm starting to lean towards Ravenback's idea to disband this council altogether. Evangelics don't have a monopoly on faith and religion, but they seem to be getting all the play. It’s like Obama is trying so hard to move away from Rev. Jeremiah Wright that he's alienating his liberal and progressive base.

alicia banks

ditto otis!!!

that is a bs sound byte to evade the real issue:

if bo is a friend to gays, why is he incessantly befriending our our worst enemies???? nelly nincompoop donnie m included???

i will ONLY believe that "inclusive"
nonsense when bo invites pastor manning to DC:




@ ab

Although I understand your anger, I don't believe that President Obama is anti-gay. However, I think that when you deal with these religious groups and organizations, you are bound to often deal with individuals who harbor anti-gay views and stances. Again, I don't want to be flamed for speaking negatively about religion because I do believe in God. But I see God as an entity that encompasses everyone, and he/she does not look at people in simple terms of good and evil or saint or sinner. I think that a vast majority of churches do not fully accept homosexuality. Some churches tolerate it, but I don't want to be tolerated. Either accept me fully, or step off and stay out of my life. We have all probably heard the saying, "All those who think they're going to Heaven ain't going." The Bible on numerous occasions cautions us from being too self-righteous. I don't pretend to know everything, but I know in my heart and soul that being gay is not a sin and it isn't evil. And I'm tired of religious leaders telling us that we are sinners and abominations, and I'm tired of people trying to pass laws that deny us our full inalienable rights just because we are homosexuals.

Now let me get off of my soap box.

alicia banks

dear ravenback:

we agree to disagree

i once felt exactly as you did

then i loved out and gay and activist in exclusively red states since 1986...

i have now been convinced anew that obama and his entire hypochristian/dl/politico ilk are
NEVER really gay allies...


Mel Smith

Hello everyone. Look, I'm proud that Obama is our president. However, the brother is insensitive to who we are. Now I see that all of us have to make sure that he help us get gay rights legislation.


I'd also give President Obama the benefit of the doubt.... The problem as always, is politics. We saw what happened in 2004 when GWB rallied up all of the conservative religious groups. I think he's just covering his bases.

You cannot tell a vocal group of people to go shove it and still expect to convince any of them to do what you want them to or that what you doing might be a better way to go.

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