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24 April 2009



THANK YOU Mr President!
Civility and honor is returning to the White House!


see, this is exactly why we need this man in the oval office right now. he has the right credentials and the gravitas to say these words without them being a empty hollow gesture.

Cevin Fisher

When was the last time we had a president who could actually condemn homophobia? That was Bill Clinton back in the 90s. And that was a lifetime ago and the political calculus (DOMA, DADT) was so different we had a republican majority.

I am proud our president, MY PRESIDENT, Barack Obama spoke these words. I look forward to Mr. Obama signing the hate crimes bill he campaigned for! And then ENDA!


@ Cevin::

Yea, George Bush could never "speak against" homophobia or intolerance because he and the Republicans were homophobic and intolerant.

Winston Salem

This is why I voted for Barack Obama. He is saying and doing everything I expected him to.

And then some.

Independent Thinker

Is Obama really the correct person for the economy? I agree that he is sharp and charming but shouldn't we judge him fairly and not through liberal or conservative eyes? he has done a few things well but he's terribly wrong in certain things too. For example, he is taking too much debt on and is dragging his feet in Afghanistan, but at the same time, he is doing a good job getting troops out of Iraq.

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