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15 April 2009



If the world is going to be governed by the christian 'principles' then there really is a huge problem. So basically anything that's not in line with christian 'principles' should be made illegal?

Aaron Parker

Yea, that sounds about right SoulKid.


Gee, how come he doesn't speak out against divorce? or adultery? Honestly, what is so threatening about same-sex marriage that need such vehement opposition?

Mark Andrew

The Catholic Church was founded very early on usurping the spiritual role of gay men in traditional religion. The reason why they even have a celibate priesthood is that, in the Roman Empire and from earliest times, some of the most popular pagan religions made priests of men to whom the gods had given a non-procreative nature (such as those we now refer to as "gay" men). Since people expected their priests to be non-procreative, the Catholic Church imposed priestly celibacy as a way of fulfilling that traditional expectation. The Church has to oppose homosexual rights, because acceptance of such rights would eventually, in the course of time, restore the natural spiritual role of gays in society and the Church's usurped role would melt away. The Church's opposition to gay rights is like the opposition of a royal pretender to the rightful claimant to the throne.

White Plains

Bishop Dolan needs to pay attention to his child molesting priests and leave marriage equality alone.

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