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09 April 2009



Rod .... Flo Rida is PHINE!
Maybe I will try that number out.
Naw, I'll leave that to the kids. I'm just happy to see a big ole sexy man like that on stage...


i can't believe he is giving his number out, but at least no one can get too crazy, he will have a record of who called.

and yes, that man's sexy is off the charts


Ditto FQ... Ditto!!!

Face and Waist


You get a gold star every day but today you get a platinum one.

Good gawd that man can crush me like he crushed that orange.

Derrick from Philly

I never thought the day would come when I want to tell every young, sexy piece of trade I see, "will you please pull up your pants".

It's not that I'm that old, mind you....a little Earth, Wind & Fire anyone?


I with you on the sagging pants thing. I mean, hot is hot, but there's just something a little "off" about the idea of wearing pants halfway down your ass. I don't want to see your drawers.

Maybe it'll disappear, along with spinning rims and hightop fades.


How old is this dude? I definitely think he is sexy, but am I the only one who doesn't feel like this is a young man who doesn't know any better (about his saggingness and the symbolism in the DL/hiphop/prison context?

Anyway, he IS sexy. The texting thing is serious marketing.


Barry S

Rev Kev, you are right. Flo Rida is not a spring chicken. He is marketing the prison trade look. And yes sir, this man is hella sexy if I don't say so myself ...

Aaron P

Sorry yall but in my best case scenario he is dropping the saggy jeans just moments after walking in the door! It doesn't matter to me ..


Saw him on American Idol this week and thought the shaved armpits looked suspect.


Seahawk, hi-top fades? Chile this is 2009, not 1989 lol:). I feel you on the super sagging pants fad though.


If people want to dress like a prison b*tch, wearing their pants half way down their crack, fine, but at least have the decency of not wearing your draws, so people could see exactly what you're offerin'.

Wearing the pants like that and showing your draws is just tasteless and tacky. I have no idea why that even became a fashion trend -- just another thing that society copied from black folks... Is there anything that they won't copy?


Please let the issue of sagging pants go. It's a fashon trend for the younger generation - like anything else. We don't need another issue to divide us from younger brothers. That said, he does look a little old for that outfit!


smh @ haterz


What Rev Kev said. Great for publicity, great for marketing. He was on American Idol yesterday and CNN the same day. You tell me.


I would love to bang this thug trade rapper.


terrible rapper but he can definitely get it.


What is the area code for Flo Rida's phone. That's if it's not a joke! Anyone know. I am from the UK and the one he gave out on cnn isn't working - as I am making an international text message. Please email me if you know. My addy is: spirit20043@hotmail.com. Many thanks. Emma.

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