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29 April 2009



I can't think of that happening to a nicer guy.


It's sad, but this would actually appeal to the die hard racist in the party who will not donate if they think Steele has control over the money. Republicans are very worried that putting Steele in as the RNC chair will hurt them in the fundraising season leading up to the midterm elections (which they must do well in to remain a national party of any importance). This is really a low point of low points for them. The two party system may be coming to an end.


Michael has been a token since day one with the RNC. I feel sad for the brother because he either way, he's gonna be ostracized, either by party affiliation, or by race. So many black people have nothing but negative to speak about him, and please, you know white folks are laughing behind his back...

Michael, time to save face, and do an Arlen Specter, and come "black" to the light my brother!


"I feel sad for the brother..."

You must be a far better man than I, Ian. I can think of no good reason to feel sad for Michael Steele. No one ever forced him to associate with scoundrels. He had to have had dreams of being a scoundrel himself.

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