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16 April 2009



of course will likes lady gaga.
all the trendy queens are listening to her lol




But her songs are infectious, LOL! I will start singing "Da Da Doo Doo Just Dance" for no reason! This makes me LOVE Will even more! I bet he dances around the house too! I wonder if he has a Blockbuster coming out this summer! Let me go check....

S. Flemming

That chick looks like a drag queen.


It's official ... I love Rod 2.0.
Lady Gaga is the *ish.

I am so sure Jada is upset because probably Corbin Bleu or Zac Efron hipped Will to LG.


This shouldn't be too shocking. After all his Madonna imitations were spot on in those early Fresh Prince episodes, lol.


Is this the first time you've mentioned Lady Gaga? She is fierce. And of course Will likes her, he likes campy fag hags.


Dont really understand the Lady Gaga pop female of the moment sensation, (prefer Janelle Monae's sound any day). But i think its interesting that so called str8 men seem to always get the strange looks for openly enjoying female pop, r&b, hip-hop acts.

I mean think about it most of the music today is not insanely innovative but most of the ones who are holding it down and make things interesting are normally the females....so why should he have to pretend to be "into" the latest random reincarnation of the stanky leg or homophobe lace raps by other bi/gay curious rapstars?


I hear what you're saying Quest.
I think some of us are just joking, tho. Most gay men I know who are used to be mocked and stereotyped usually don't turn those stereotypes

But for what it's worth, many people just don't think Will Smith is straight anyway.



It's better that he addicted to singing one her song than his!

a time to be thankful


Having never heard of Lady Gaga, I went to YouTube to listen to "Poker Face".

When was the last time any straight man liked to listen to a song that sounded like this? 1987, maybe? Heck, I'm gay, and I didn't even like listening to this kind of music when it was new.

There are always exceptions, of course. I guess Will is just one of those exceptions...


Oh, and that video I saw from "American Idol". Those three ultra-hunky male dancers are really aiming for the heart (and loins) of the straight male demographic, let me tell you.


Lady GagMe ! ! !
Can music get any sh*ttier?


Not to sound mean and catty, but, is this a real woman?

Derrick from Philly


I think she's biological...not that that means anything nowadays--especially not to Brother Will.

LOL...Lord, have mercy LOL


Will Smith isn't straight. Check out the earrings in both of his ears. A man who wears two earrings is public declaration that he's bisexual. Jada and Will are both swingers too.

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