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10 April 2009



Romney needs to STOP...just STOP.NOW.

Who would vote for him? He's contrary can't stand by decisions he makes and is just really pointless in the whole scheme of Republican/GOP politics.

it's pretty clear that Jindal and Palin are their "golden kids" and who they will look too for 2012.

Not that it will matter though..i'm seeing a Democrat reign for the next term or two.

But, Romney's a joke...everyone knows that.


"Romney's a joke...everyone knows that"

everyone but the Republicans it seems lol


Looks like the golden boy of the older right wing fanatics is getting ready for his close up. I think he realizes that Jindal isn't going to be that much of a problem with his total lackluster persona, and, Palin, will all her baby daddy drama will have faded.


It would be really hard to come up with an emptier human being than this man.

He’s like the perfect American: jut-jawed, flawless hair, fantastically rich, utterly selfish, and no conscience of any kind.

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