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22 April 2009



Rev Long-bucks and Rev Clear Flo of Dollars are going down!


I love that SAY WHAAAT! look on Dollar's face lol.


What are the queens saying now who attend those churches???


Its about time, and, I wonder how Eddie Long will keep that S-curl or jehri curl/ comb over going if he has to go behind bars or broke? Now that's a scenario I would love to be a fly on the wall to see, both these crooks and hate mongers in jail.

I for one have long since wrote off organize religion, but, with these two bit hacks spewing hate for coins, and in Long's case apparently issues with whom he is since no cough, cough, straight man prances around in a pulpit in nylon tank tops, I will wish a speedy and quick trial, and, long jail sentences, since they are already guilty in my book.


I really hope the girls who are members of the Dollar and Long flock SMARTEN up. Stop supporting these thieves.


The NYDailyNews reported yestersay that the pastor of Riverside Church is being paid $600k in annual compensation, from maid service to school tuition for his children. It "only" takes $125k to be considered middle class in NYC.

The leaders of a latin american congregation were recently arrested here in NYC for fleecing it's flock out of hundereds of thousands of dollars regarding immigration papers.

It must be the devil making these charlatans do what they do. But don't worry. Old guard negroes (and their closeted members who know no better) will buy into the "here comes Mr. Whiteman" mentality and join the protest about this that are sure to happen once justice starts knocking on the gates of their estates.

I look at many of these made for Tv/media ministers the same way I do Gm. Failed, desperate corporations that deserve to go out of business because of fraud and arrogance.

Honut SInti

Oh my. I guess there will be no more "long" looks at the "dollar" menu on Sundays.

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