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29 April 2009



as an american of african descent, i've always had the desire to visit the land of my ancestors. not any more. that mythical africa that many black americans carry in their heads has been completely destroyed for me.

Derrick from Philly

I understand, FREELEO, but you can always come back as visit North Philly--it's just as dangerous.

I just got finished arguing on another blog (guess which one) about racist insults used to counter black homophobia. Now, I come here, and I'm ready to use racist insults to counter black homophobia.

Then I remember: Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, the clergyman in Kenya that Rod told us about whose life is threatened because he refused to condemn gays, Coretta Scott King, Reverend Lowery, John Lewis, Mayor Fenty, etc.... I remember that it aint ALL black people. It aint all of them who use me as a scape goat for their problems.

And oh Lord, how many young men in those anti-gay demonstrations in Senegal are "trade" and "dl" and hustlers and all kinds of hidden homos.

Mark Andrew

One question that needs to be asked is what is fueling this emerging mob-rage homophobia in Senegal. The answer is not Islam, Senegal has been a majority Muslim country for centuries and this has not been happening before. And it is also happening in Christian countries like Uganda, Burundi, and ... Jamaica. What has been going on recently to spark this type of activity recently?


mark, what has changed is that sgl people are standing up and demanding to be treated as equal citizens under the law.

Mark Andrew

okay, freeleo, that's true, but why does that cause people to get up off of their ass and commit heinous acts of violence and intimidation? assuming they think homosexuality is wrong, why not just shake their heads in dismay and go on about their business?

Mark Andrew

In other words, people are acting like there is something dear to them that is under attack when gay people stand up and claim social status and civil rights. If that is true, what is under attack exactly? What gets people so agitated?

Derrick from Philly

" If that is true, what is under attack exactly? "

Mark Andrew,

I guess they loose their sense of superiority...the last group that they could feel "better than" is rising up from 2nd class citizenship (2nd class humanity).

It's like when poor whites got so vicious when blacks demanded civil rights. For years, they could say, "atleast I aint a nigger". They believed all the worst stereotypes of black folks, and had some semblance of power (contrary to popular belief many black folks did not heed to the will of po' whites--and that infuriated some of them into lynch mobs). Then, they had to deal with blacks demanding equal rights. It was too much...for a while.

It's similar with hetero (and pretend hetero) blacks, I guess. They could deal with "sissies & faggots" but "gays and sgl's demanding human rights"--now, that's too much....for a while.


Wow, Derrick, that is an interesting analysis. That is not the answer I was thinking about, but it makes sense.

So people are invested in a certain hierarchy and they need to have someone below them in the hierarchy. It's not enough that there should be other people at the bottom with them, but there always has to be someone below them, so that they are not at the bottom.

But (a) do these protesters feel that they are just one rung up from the bottom? (I'm not sure that is their mindset.) And (b) do they believe that gays, who were the only thing keeping them off the bottom, are now moving up to their level or, God forbid, ahead of them? Aren't we American gays, even with civil rights, still pretty low on the social hierarchy? I mean, even in gay-marriage states like Iowa and Vermont, I don't think many parents are hoping and wishing their kids to grow up gay.

Meanwhile, I thought a big part of the white reaction against desegregation was the fear of racial mixing. I thought the emphasis was on maintaining "separateness" as much or more than on maintaining inequality, because if people were able to mix freely, eventually there would not be any genetically recessive white people left. But you're pointing out that what white racists really wanted more than anything was to keep an underclass below them.

I can't help thinking, though, that what is at work in these anti-gay protests is psychological repression. The equalized status of gays threatens the repression of same-sex feelings in large numbers of individuals and leads to mass anxiety and neurotic behavior.

For comparison, consider the young women's protests against law allowing "marital rape" in northwest Pakistan recently. There was a similar reaction as the anti-gay protests we are talking about, but there were also plenty of women counter-protesters. They were not driven by wanting these young women to stay below them in a hierarchy. They might have been driven by repression of their own unconscious resentment at being obliged to have sex with their husbands on a schedule.

Derrick from Philly

You're right, MARK, there are more than a few reasons why anti-gay blacks react the way they do to the rising call for gay civil rights, or just the rising VISIBILITY of non-stereotypical queens (comme moi). When you show that you are as intelligent and serious as any other black man...well, it confuses long held beliefs about faggots.

Even though I am a gender-bending homo, black folks hated me when I tried to say something intelligent. When I acted like a wisecracking "queen", I was more acceptable or tolerable. Many black gays are no longer "staying in their place". And it especially bothers black preachers.

No, we haven't penetrated the feelings & hateful motivations of these black preachers deep enough. The white ones are just as bad, but the black ones pose a direct threat to us....to young ones like Jaheem and Carl.


excellent points mark and derrick in philly.

i was at the gym. you should have seen those people wiping off the equipment. we are at a level 5 now with this flu. that means wash all your trade twice...:::looks over at derrick in philly::: lol


Derrick, I think you’re right on in your analysis about homophobia in the U.S. Starting in at least the 1830s, the rulers of this country learned to provide to poor whites a group of people they could feel superior to as a sop for their powerlessness. It was then that they invented whiteness as a defining identity to be implanted in the minds of white people. The poor white man could then say, “I may be poor, I may not have any education or own any land, but at least I ain’t a ni**er.”

This method of helping the powerless feel better about themselves had the additional benefit of dividing society. For example, it would be more than a century before labor unions became racially integrated.

While there are still probably millions of white Americans whose self-esteem is boosted by thoughts about their non-blackness, it’s no longer so easy for “respectable” American leaders to implant such thoughts. While they can and do resort to racial code words, they have also found another group to offer up as contemptible: the faggot. So now, the poor black man can join the party and say, “I may be poor and I may be black, but at least I ain’t a faggot,” and feel better about his situation.

This feeling superior to someone else who is lower on the totem pole than you are is truly a sacred principle for Americans, and for at least the last 180 years, it has been encouraged by our pastors, politicians, teachers, and parents.

I’m not sure that Senegal, though, has quite the same history. I don’t think the traditional leaders in West African societies have had to rely on the same divide-and-conquer and sop-for-powerlessness methods that American leaders have mastered in order to maintain their power.

But one thing I think is certain, though, is that religious leaders throughout Africa, both Christian and Muslim, have looked at American religious leaders and seen what a marvelously profitable thing preaching against homosexuality is.

Think: Your preacher tells you that the gay person has chosen sin. By implication, you have chosen goodness (even though you may have a difficult time remembering that particular morning you woke up and decided to be straight). That puts a big smile on your face, for God will surely reward you for having made the right choice (and it was so easy). In the meantime, you will surely reward your preacher with an extra coin in the collection plate for having given you that satisfied glow of self-righteousness.

Not only have the African religious leaders been able to witness the profitability of this strategy, but our American preachers have gone over there and given them instructions on just how to do it.

And as has been mentioned a thousand times on this blog, the politicians just love this kind of preaching. There is nothing better than a reviled scapegoat for the little people to blame all their problems on when you are stashing millions of their dollars in your personal Swiss bank account.

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