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14 April 2009



O - M - G!!!
I really didn't think it was possible, but here it is for proof. "You go figure"


lol! Hilarious!


I am still laughing!


Oh this is fabulous!
And they are so right, these "straight" boys on YouTube will say and do anything but add "just for ladies" or "no homo."

Patrick S



The video is very funny LOL" but am I the only one that cringe when they kept saying nigga, nigga, nigga " the use of that word bothers me. It even got to point the Latino and black dudes in my class call each other nigga like it's some cool word and it's crazy to watch' knowing that their great great latino grandparents weren't the ones picking cotton and were slaves. I'm so sad for my people.


Mike, I thought someone would bring up the N-word. You know, this is another generation and we have to roll with it. This is how they talk and frankly to be honest this is how many of us talk in the bedroom and behind closed doors.

The message was all of these suspect or closet boys say and do gayish things on YouTube and claim "no homo." It's a great message, it's a great parody, it's hilarious. I'd look at that.

And sorry, but many Latinos are black or consider themselves black.


Priceless, just too funny.

Mike, I hear you on the my nigga, nigga. It is what it is. I think it works great with the paraody because the boys are showing how others try to sound so hardcore. but are basically saying and doing 'homo' stuff on youtube


Mike, I was thinking the EXACT same thing while listening to this.
I understand what these guys were trying to do, but it's hard to appreciate the satire when you're being slammed with "nigga" for 2 and a half minutes.

Mark Andrew

The "straight" world is melting all around us, like the Wicked Witch with some water on her. We put a few gay characters on TV, and the "straights" start trying to bust out of the closet. What's weird is it's happening on video!


Oh god. Here come the pearl clutchers ...

Okay 'Soulbrotha'. You didn't 'appreciate the satire.' Freddy is right ... the Youtube videos feature lots of thug types and that is how they talk or their no homo messages.

I don't know are politically correct black gay men the intended audience. I think the 'satire' was supposed to be for black 'straight men.'

The 'satire' is perfect for the intended audience.


Once again young black men and the word nigger and who of all people find humor in it?

For those of you who have the time stay on you tube and check out the 'nigga takin a shi*' videos. I kid you not there are numerous videos of young black men who are supposedly 'surprised' candid camera style while sitting on the "throne".

Why is it white boys risk being beaten to within an inch of their lives (if they are lucky) if they are overheard using the word nigger but are dressed hip-hop style just like their black counterparts? I don't quite get it.


Last week some of the brothas on here were all upset about a RAPPER showing his boxers shorts, today its YOUNG STRAIGHT BOYS parodying other YOUNG STRAIGHT BOYS saying 'my nigga.'

No offense, but are some of y'all 'getting' any? Seem very uptight and have a fantasy about how men 'should be.' This is how many black (straight) men ARE. They wear sagging jeans, jogging pants exposed under their jean, boxers and say 'my nigga' to each other.

It doesn't detract from the humor at all. This is exactly how they talk.

Jeffrey Allgood

I'm not going to over analyze 18 or 19 year old boys in baggy jeans and white tees on teh internets ...

It made me laugh.

Especially the part about LL Cool J and "hitting it from the back" lol

Derrick from Philly

"Last week some of the brothas on here were all upset about a RAPPER showing his boxers shorts..."

Do you want to reconsider the word "upset"? We made jokes about it--nobody was angry.

And as far as "getting any"--any young piece of trade with his pants hanging off his narra' ass will never be "getting any" with my ATM card.

Thank God I already had my fun. In my day, I had black men who could make all these young skinny "niggas" look like....well, young skinny niggas.


Okay Derrick you got me good, heehee especially that last line.


People need to chill with their concerns over the n-words and accept this video for what it is -- a damn funny parody. It was spot on. This was one of the funniest parodies I've ever seen. The n-word only represented the feigned macho behavior of these guys who claim they're no homo. All of this should be put in its proper context. I can actually say that I've never called a brotha the n-word ever in my life. I don't use the word and I don't like hearing it. But I had no problem hearing the word in this particular context, because it helped to tell the story. This is the behavior of many of our young Black brothas out there -- like it or not. I have always found a lot of these touchy-feely antics by many brothas to be somewhat suspect anyway. Using the n-word when greeting each other combined with the usual close body contact is designed to make people think that they're not gay. If you've never noticed it before, stand around and observe that behavior for a period of time. I've always been fascinated by people's social behavior in public -- especially amongst men. The way guys look at each other but pretend to not be looking. The way two guys going to a movie together will sit with an empty chair between each other, so no one will think that they're gay. And don't get me started on all of this sagging pants business. It's quite enlightening. In the end, I think the guys who did this parody were brilliant. Thanks Rod for this great find. I hope they do some more parodies.


Malik, since you seem to be young and down with it can you please explain the last paragraph in my first post? Thank you.


Yeah this is too funny and so true. I can't tell you how many times I hear "NO HOMO" when I'm in the barbershop or hanging with my straight cousin and his "boys". Its like another man can't compliment another dude without using the phrase to proclaim their heterosexuality. But the part I liked the most was when the boy said "I saw this guy in the gym and I wanted to lick the sweat off his arms"...sounds like my "No Homo" experience yesterday..lol

Lang B.

THAT wat EXCELEENT. Hilarious.

I DETESTE the use of the word NIGGA but I CLEARly see why it was over-used in this spoof, to show how "ingnat" a lot of young dudes are.

I loved the part where the one bro has his leg on the other bro's lap. LOL. The other part was when they hugged near the end and one guy grabs the other guys' a$$. NO HOMO alright. :)

Derrick from Philly

Peace, Malk.

Of course, there is some truth to what you're saying. It is generational to an extent. But no matter what the age some black folks cannot be comfortable with the casual or "affectionate" use of "nigga"...especially when it's being used by some young skinny wigga'.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of a dvd called "Hoodies, Boots & ..." (I can't remember what the third thing was.) I think it was from Tiger Tyson's Pitbull Productions. I watched it, but it didn't do much for me--all those thug impersonations were tiring. (I had to put on a Mister Marcus dvd on to sooth my soul and other parts--although he tries to wear his pants baggy, but he's got to much in the back holding them up to let them sag). In one scene the young guys were calling each other "nigga"--so I guess it's part of the younger gays' fantasy/performance.

The point is, when the older generation criticizes the popular culture, dress style, music, hair styles of the younger-- it's a value judgment that should NEVER be taken seriously. Our parent's didn't like our giant Afros and platform shoes and later, tight-azz designer jeans.

The use of the word "nigga" is a more serious topic, but we've debated debating that since Ronald Reagan was in Barack's House.

We may disagree but I still love ya'---and of course, when I say that "love"-- you know it's NO HOMO, man...I mean, chile.

Rod Mc

IMO the pardoy is hilarious and spot-on for its intended demographic. The word doesn't really bother me, especially in this context, but some readers don't like it. Okay, but like it or not, this is the younger generation's style and behavior.

However ... it is always very interesting to read the comments by those most offended by the n-word. Reviewing the comment history of everyone in this thread shows several people have been warned, edited or deleted due to profanity or graphic sexual language. One person's comment privileges were suspended due to profanity and graphic sexual language. Two people used profanity in this thread. One person has used the n-word in comments.

You don't have to like the video clip. But are some of you suggesting that it's acceptable to use profanity or graphic sexual language on YouTube but not the n-word? 'Cuz if you're writing it on a blog, that is the same as saying it on YouTube. Or are you saying "you" can use the word on blogs, but straight "boyz" wearing baggy jeans cannot say it on YouTube?

Glass houses, stones, etc. -RM


words only have the power that the listener/reader gives them

Danny Rivera

***One person's comment privileges were suspended due to profanity and graphic sexual language. Two people used profanity in this thread. One person has used the n-word in comments.***

But but but ... they didn't say "nigga" on a You Tube video! That's big difference! Right? Right?


I've read some of the comments and language from many folks, on this blog and other black gay blogs. I'm tickled pink we're using value added judgments (thanks Derrick) to qualify four letter words as more appropriate for blogs (and/or you tube) but not "nigga."


i'm with pip and ravenback. words have only the power you give them. (many) gay men have reclaimed "queer", "queen" and "fag" as their own, women have reclaimed "b*tch", (many) blacks have reclaimed ""nigga" ... it doesn't bother me.

i'm not going to get distracted by that. its great these young men over-emphasized the word to show how some of these guys act in these 'no homo' videos. because that is what they do. that is how they talk. i dont necessarily like it but that is their thing.

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