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14 April 2009



This was hilarious. It is a great complimentary video to Illdoctrine.com's piece on the phenomenon of "no homo."


i also don't like how many black gay men call each other "girl" or "bit*h" but that seems to be okay. as i remember that was very prominent in noah's arc and noah's arc movie and many of y'all loved it. LOVED IT. so it's okay for black gay MEN to call each other GIRL or BI**H but straight boys can't say nigga? girl please.


i like the part when they are talking about the thunder thighs. This is just too funny. I'm going to watch it some more when I get home.

As for the "N" word, it means something totally different to this generation. I have given up on protesting its use. As long as my friends and I don't use it, then I will choose bigger fish to fry. We can't police the word on the street. People are going say what they want to say. We can't even use moral appeals to persuade them not to use it. Nothing works.

Strictly Business

Okay, let me be honest. I thought the clip was funny. I was not in that conversation earlier about nigga. But I have been called out before about language on the blog and didn't like it. (You remember that Rod? lol) But I knew you have a rule against certain words and pushed it anyway because that is how "I" wanted to express myself.

The word don't bother me too tough but yes it does seem many folks feel very differently about Patrik Ian Polk using 'girl' and 'bitc_' to describe each other on Noah. And yes, many folks use four letter words and all that on blogs so if you do any of that it does seem silly to get wrapped up in nigga.


Very funny - I agree with those that say, "don't over analyze this one, just enjoy the humor."


Guuurrrllll, that was funny as all get out!!! I love satire and love it when younguns' can do it. The fact they understand that a lot of what straight guys do are things that gay guys are always called out on, yet somehow feel they can keep their "masculinity/straightness" intact by just saying "I'm not gay though" or as they said "No homo". Loved it!!!


Wow! That was so, so, so hilarious!


Too Funny --"no pedophile!"

I don't use the N-Word often, but it does not bother me in the least. I am especially not bothered when non-Africans use it -in context or not.

It's not what you call me, it's what I answer to.

PLUS, I get a kick outta yt being apoplectic at being excluded from its use in casual/general conversation. We as a people are too many *other* things that we need not be called. Now, "fag" -I'm likely to start windmilling ;p


Great point! It's like they are OVERusing the language to cover the homoeroticsm of their actions. It's like if they use enough "hard" language, you won't pay attention.

This REALLY is brilliant commentary! This is satire at its highest level. They are really smart in this. Groping and oogling while trying to alleviating any "guilt" with a catchphrase?



Once again, thank you Derrick.

Why can't someone express an opinion on here without a bunch of queens jumping down their throat and throwing "baby shade?" I know that "n*gga" is used by young black "thugs" and that they are the audience being addressed in this clip. But since that is NOT the audience here, opinions will vary. If words like "n*gga" & "fag(got)" don't bother you, fine. However, I have not become apathetic to their sting, regardless of who utter them. And that's me.

Finally, to the person who said something about reclaiming these words, I ask this question: How does one "RE-claim" something that they didn't own or create in the first place? Considering the violence that these polarizing words still provoke years later, I doubt that the "reclamation movement" is working.


@ soulbrotha

I find it interesting that you criticize those who say that, in this case, the n-word is acceptable, but you choose to call those people "a bunch of queens...throwing baby shade." Not all gay men like to be referred to as a queen. Not all gay men who are well-adjusted refer to themselves or others in a female context. In my case, I don't call gay men "queens", "girls", or even "chile (child)". But I don't get upset when another gay man says it to me, because I understand that he isn't using it in a derogatory manner.

I can remember growing up and not one person would ever assume that I was gay due to the way I looked or acted. Since I didn't exhibit any stereotypical gay style or mannerisms, and I was very involved in sports, other guys never called me a "faggot" or any other derogatory gay word. And it's ironic that I am a very openly and unapologetically gay man today. Once I came out to my parents at the age of 19, there has been no stopping me. I'm the type of person who can be in a nice restaurant with my boyfriend and we'll kiss just to piss off the people who don't like us being there. I don't care what they think and wish that they would have the guts to say something about it. But that's me.

In the end, we can't stop people from using language we might consider offensive. But that cuts both ways. As I get older, I find that the things that made me mad when I was in my 20s and 30s don't upset me in my 40s. Since I don't give bad words any power over me, those words don't affect me at all.



soulbrotha...you are more than free to express opinion. but my man I don't know who you were calling a 'queen" or what is baby shade.

i was talking about how so many black gay men get all wrapped up in 'nigga' but are comfortable with 'girl', 'bit88', queen etc. thanks for making my point tho


LOL, I love this video!!

I haven't seen the other "No Homo" videos that they are spoofing--are they similar? (But allegedly serious?)



You seem a little bent out of shape. I was not addressing you. That's why I started off by referencing Derrick's last comment.

My very first comment was that the use of the n-word and f-word bothers me. The response from some commenters was little snide remarks (aka "baby" shade.) Those two words have a much more violent, hateful past than "queen" "chile" or "girl." I find those latter words to be more silly than hateful or violent. And "bit88" has little impact on me because it's meaning is not limited to race, gender or sexual preference. It's pretty darn universal at this point. BUT if those words bother you, I won't try to belittle your viewpoint. And THAT was my point.

Ravenback, I am glad that you have been able to dismiss these negative words in your life. But like you said, that's you. We all walk different paths.

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