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27 April 2009



Man I love this time of the year. Give me some track and field athletes, some runners, any day and I am happy!


That picture at top is sooo hott.


LOL at G, you and me both, man i love to see those flopping birds as they run, i know they were a jockstrap for protection, but sometimes you get a peek. . .


amm Was Usain Bolt there?

Was Asafa there?


Anyway...I love to see those beautiful men being physical no matter where they are from!


"amm Was Usain Bolt there?

Was Asafa there?"

YES THEY WERE and still finished DEAD LAST. Did you read the article, dear?

"In the men’s 4x100m, Walter Dix, Travis Padgett, Crawford and Darvis Patton teamed to run a blistering 37.92 seconds to win while becoming the first team in meet history to break 38 seconds. Team USAs second squad of Terrence Trammell, Mark Jelks, Ivory Williams, Mike Rodgers finished second in 38.36. Jamaica’s team of Dwight Thomas, Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, and Asafa Powell finished dead last as Powell pulled up with an apparent injury."

Put the snap back in your pocket and save it until later. Jamaica's performance at Beijing was a fluke. The Americans always dominate track. Always have, always will.


Mr. Bahamas ain't looking too bad at all!


This reminds me of my college days. I ran up into several track athletes while in college. They are so fit and tight. Sorry, I was having a vivid flashback.

Aaron Parker

That top photo. That one.

Not a Lakers Fan

no walter dix? no angelo taylor?

but let me not lie, lol, these brothaz are offdachain. and tasty

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