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01 April 2009


Eddy B

I love these photos. The first black president meeting the queen. Love it!


Don't you just love the queen? Elizabeth looks nice too. lol

Andy Niable

(Please please please someone make an iPod Commercial Parody of the silhouette of Her Majesty dancing to "London Calling" with alternating primary-color backgrounds flash...)

Nathan James

Never thought I'd see any of this during my lifetime. It's wonderful. Thanks, Rod!


I was struck by how small the Queen and Prince look compared to President Obama and Michelle. For some reason, I thought they were taller than that. But this was a very momentous occasion. I saw him with the British Prime Minister, the Russian President, and the Chinese President. It was all so wonderful to see.




I find it very intersting how the white media are responding to the gifts. Some say that it wasn't appropriate enough. The NYT question the gift somewhat, with a wait and see how it goes over attitude. But what does one give the ruler of several countries?

She's into ipods, so this (I'm sure blinged out to the nth) with her visit to the States on it was appropriate, as well as the signed Rogers songbook. It does show his (and the Queen's) like of technology, and culture.

I wonder what makes white folks think a picture of the Queen is somehow more appropriate. If Obama would have given her the same thing back (a picture of himself), booooyyyy, white folks would have tried to impeach him.

I would love to see the Queen with her crown on the ipod ad. Maybe SNL will do it, with Obama with a tee shirt that says "I met the Queen and all I got was this stinking picture":-)


The media again fails to get the story correct. The gift was not the ipod, but what was on the ipod. The ipod was just the means to transport the music and pictures of her visit to the US. Its no different that someone giving a book or picture album as a gift.


I like the signed songbook. Rodgers and Hammerstein are great tunesmiths, I'm not sure if some folks are familar with their work, I am. So that shows MAJOR class, which the Obamas always have an overabudance of. Cool pictures!-QH


No class! The Obamas had to actually learn Etiquette on the plane flight to England. Please!!!

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Oh man, he think Queen Elizabeth will appreciate his gift, she's not techie you know.


The Queen is techy, she has a youtube channel and everything!

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