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06 April 2009


The Gays

Hedy Jimbo...
Thanks for thinking of us!


Well, I wasn't surprised by his veto. He had announced his decision a few days ago. No matter what happens, this issue will not be placed on the back burner any longer in Vermont.


Defeated, motherf**ker. Veto override.

Nathan James

As per numerous sources, Vermont's legislature has overridden Gov. Douglas' veto of gay marriage. Vermont now joins Connecticut and Massachusetts as the third US state to have same-sex marriage. Vermont, YES!!!

Nathan James

Oh, and Iowa, too!

Mad Professah

The bill goes into efefct September 1.

100-49 in the House.
23-5 in the Senate.

The first legislature to adopt marriage equality has to do it by veto override.

I wonder if Chief Justice Ronald George now understands what side of history he wants to be on?

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