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07 April 2009


Nathan James

As per numerous sources, Vermont's legislature has overridden Gov. Douglas' veto of gay marriage. Vermont now joins Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa, as the FOURTH US state to have same-sex marriage. Vermont, YES!!!

Mad Professah

The bill goes into efefct September 1.

100-49 in the House.
23-5 in the Senate.

The first legislature to adopt marriage equality has to do it by veto override.

I wonder if Chief Justice Ronald George now understands what side of history he wants to be on?


Great news. It's time that politicians stand for something other than hate, intolerance, and bigotry.


This is wonderful news. After Iowa and now Vermont, it is becoming more obvious that marriage equality is not fringe. It is becoming the logical next step.


Fantastic! Congratulations Vermont!


That's how you do it!!!




Thanks, RM, as usual being one of the first to break the news...

Very impressive... Let's hope it sticks and more states will follow. Makes me kind of sad, though, that California (where SF, gay capital of the U.S. is), failed so miserably.

Rod Mc

Lukas, thanks for the comments and kind words. But I was actually a little late on reporting the news, was stuck on a conference call. But you're absolutely right, the Iowa and Vermont victories make California seem very bittersweet. -RM

Reggie H

Vermont gets gay marriage and Gov Douglass gets to keep his conservative street cred with his veto (which those 'darned liberals' overrode). Looks like a win-win...which state is next?

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